Protest Clear Channel's dropping Air America!
Come out on Monday 1/8 during the Stephanie Miller show FOR A PUBLIC SHOW OF SUPPORT to Stephanie Miller for two years of progressive talk in Columbus, 11AM-Noon, on the sidewalk in front of the Ohio statehouse.

Clear Channel is dropping 1230am's progressive format and will be taking a hard right turn. WTPG (We're Talking Progressive) will change it's call letters to WYTS and will abandon voices like Ed Schultz, Stephanie Miller, and Al Franken in favor of Michael Savage and Laura Ingraham. Sign the petition to help save progressive radio: Save Progressive Radio

In a recent Columbus Dispatch article, it is claimed that "The progressive-talk format, in place at WTPG since September 2004, never took off here despite live broadcasts in Columbus by Franken, Miller and Schultz." What it doesn't tell you is that WTPG TRIPLED its ratings since switching to a progressive format 2 years ago, and moved the former WCOL frequency into the top 25 stations for the first time in years.

We are working on ways to join others in direct action to prevent this move like Madison, Wisconsin did. They did it with a massive public outcry from citizens, community leaders, and dedicated advertisers. We need to fuel the same here in our community.