Haven't we had enough of this bellicose burden on the American airwaves? Are you sick and tired of the hateful chortling and guffawing - while smearing everything that most decent people consider the very freedoms our ancestors and founding fathers died to protect and honor?

There is something we can do about it. We can complain directly to the companies that sell advertising on his show. We can also boycott the same products and institutions he promotes with his hateful, abhorrent speech and behavior. Take Back The Media has made a list of the companies that advertise on his show. Their contact information is available, for your convenience, at: takebackthemedia.com/rushbusted.html

Please write to each and every one of these companies. Tell them why you are no longer purchasing their wares, foods, or products. Tell them that you won't support people like Limbaugh who insult honest working Americans of all races, creeds and sexual orientation - or his advertisers. Tell them you'll change the station. Tell them you will turn the channel off.

Please see takebackthemedia.com/rushbusted.html for additional information - and let's hit the hatemongers where it hurts them the most: their wallet!