It's personal for a lot of people. 9-11. So personal Keith Olberman wrote an essay on why it's personal to him. It's personal to me.

September 11, 2001. My mother, who was born in the city at Cornell Med was in the city staying at my sister's apartment then.

She and her friend were on the way to the World Trade Center as part of a tour. They overslept so did not get there as planned right at 8:30. They got to the Metro late and were turned away just as they were shutting down the metro at West 72nd street. September 11, 2001.

A plane allegedly went down in the next podunct town in Pennsylvania to where I spent summers on a lake at my grandparents house. Indian Lake. Shanksville. Who the heck ever heard of these places? I did. I knew it so well I knew that the official story of a plane plumetting and disappearing into liquid earth of a reclaimed coal field with body parts floating in the lake five to ten miles upstream made zero sense unless the plane exploded or was shot down.   

And here I was sitting in Washington as they were evacuating the city with bumper to bumper traffic of fleeing fearful people crossing bridges to the suburbs. Of course I was in a panic. I panicked all day trying to get through to see if they were OK. My sister knew a lot of people who worked in the Towers including a family broker's company. I had a lot of meetings there previously in legal life. I couldn't get through to my mother.

New York New York- so nice they named it twice.

The air was thick with wafting toxins, incinerated remains of thousands of people like fall out from a crematorium. People were inhaling fall out from a crematorium. Radiation they now think was in the flooding the air.

Within five years later my sister's husband's father and sister (in her early fifties) who were then working in the City have died from cancer. Died. My mother who was the picture of perfect health on September 10, 2001 has since suffered from two bouts of skin cancer and two brain aneurisms, none of which there are in her family or genetic history.

Something very serious and very sick happened in New York on September 11, 2001.

And we only half the story.

It is not only our Patriotic duty to get the whole story but it is our deepest moral obligation. You cannot vote in more of the same story line Republicans in November.

They have only told us half truths.  We need the other half now.