As we mark the 9th year of this bloody war in Afghanistan, please join us in calling on Secretary Clinton to stop giving our taxdollars to the mercenary firm Blackwater. We'll never end the war in Afghanistan as long as companies like Blackwater can make a killing out of killing. Tell Hillary Clinton: Stop Doing Business with Blackwater!

Hillary Clinton, when she was on the campaign trail in 2008, pledged to cut these companies loose after Blackwater guards killed 17 civilians in Baghdad's Nisour Square. Disgusted with the violence and abuses committed by Blackwater and others, Afghan President Karzai recently banned these firms from working in Afghanistan.

So why has the US State Department continued to pour billions into contracts with private security firms? Why did a Blackwater front group called International Development Solutions just win a piece of a State Department contract worth $10 billion?

It's time to get serious about ending war profiteering if we want to end war. Tell Hillary Clinton to stop giving our taxdollars to mercenary companies like Blackwater that make a killing out of killing.