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When Donald Trump incited you to assault the Capitol, he said he would be with you.

He wasn’t.

Four of you are dead and you’ve killed a policeman. More of you will suffer and die from the COVID that spread through your maskless march. Many of you now face prison terms and ruined lives.

Had you been black, you’d’ve been gunned down before you got anywhere near the Capitol building.

Some of you in Los Angeles compensated by assaulting a black woman who accidentally walked into one of your rallies. Others expressed your opinions about Jews by wearing hats saying 6MWE (Six Million Wasn’t Enough).

Maybe Trump’s bone spurs kept him from marching with you.

When Alice Paul and Martin Luther King and Dorothy Day and Cesar Chavez and so many other great American leaders have organized marches for social change, they personally endured gassings, beatings, imprisonment. They never hesitated to risk their own bodies for a higher cause.

When Trump urged you to assault the Congress, he never intended to join you. He sat safe in the White House you pay for, watching you kill and be killed. He will certainly pardon himself to avoid the kinds of criminal charges many of you will face.

When the COVID came here, Trump let it spread so America could develop “herd immunity.”

You are the herd. Are you immune yet?

While you marched, Trump’s virus killed more than 4,000 Americans. It was the pandemic’s worst death day … until the one after that and the one after that. After all these months, Trump’s viral death toll is getting worse, not better.

Because of Trump’s negligence, more Americans died on the day you marched than at Pearl Harbor or in the World Trade Centers. Advanced medical treatments you paid for but can’t get yourself saved Trump when he got the virus. You can’t now get the vaccines you paid for because – as he golfs at your expense ($151 million and counting) – Trump really doesn’t care what happens to you.

Trump’s 2020 margin of defeat (7 million votes) was the biggest to oust any incumbent except Herbert Hoover and Jimmy Carter.

This letter’s co-author, Bob Fitrakis, monitored El Salvador’s elections in the 1990s. Harvey Wasserman was a plaintiff in the successful federal lawsuit demanding a recount in Ohio 2004, for which we supported a Congressional challenge to the Electoral College delegation.

We brought mountains of credible evidence, reputable lawyers, and solid court victories. We lost in Congress. But defeated presidential nominee John Kerry, a combat vet, incited no armed rebellion. We wouldn’t have followed him if he had.

This year, well over 100 million registered voters got paper ballots to be protected, scanned, and accurately counted. In Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia, there were recounts we could not get in Ohio 2004 or Michigan 2016 despite favorable court rulings. The recounts all proved Trump lost.

Trump’s much-hated Dominion machines were installed by Republicans in Georgia over vehement objections from the Election Protection movement.

They did not turn this election. But we want them gone. We ask you to help us rid our elections of ALL such ballot-marking devices and touchscreen machines.

We want ALL registered voters to get paper ballots … to be hand marked, digitally scanned, accurately counted, and safely preserved.

Digital images and paper ballots must be kept for recounts, which this year proved that Trump lost.

We want money out of politics. Billionaires must be stopped from buying what’s good for their fellow mobsters and bad for the rest of us. Gerrymandering must end, along with the Electoral College.

We want democracy and statehood for DC and Puerto Rico.

We want no more would-be dictators inciting fake rebellions while followers like you take the fall.

To Trump – like those who died in war to protect America – you are “suckers” and “losers.”

You can do better. Let’s work together for a true democracy.

Bob Fitrakis & Harvey Wasserman co-wrote The Strip & Flip Disaster of America's Stolen Elections: Five Jim Crows & Electronic Election Theft . (

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