The ambulance that tried to rescue Hind, and the two drivers, who were struck and killed by Israeli forces. (social media)

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Her family members murdered, the ambulance that came to rescue her
attacked, and her rescuers killed. Israel murdered 6-year-old Hind, family
members and ambulance crew & left to decompose
[while one of hundreds of stories like that, this murder captured the
hearts of millions]

No Evidence to Support Israel’s UNRWA Allegations
[Even if nine of the 30,000 UNRWA employees were shown to support Hamas,
western countries cutting off funding to a humanitarian organizations while
increasing funding to Israeli regime proven to commit state terrorism and
genocide is the height of hypocrisy and we can also call it a nauseating
sycophancy to please their masters, the Zionist lobby]

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Global Rally with really good 30+ speakers (I spoke briefly at 1:16:20) 1

Rima noted: "This young man [Mohammed Al-Kurd]  is really remarkable.
Besides everything else, he displays wisdom and depth of thinking.
Jerusalem should be proud of him and of the struggle of his family in the
face of Israeli brutality that is threatening the lives and mere existence
of our people in Jerusalem and all over Palestine. I especially  appreciate
his take on Zionism.."
[Palestine will survive. How do I know? Because we have many young people
like this!]

To the hundreds of well-funded museums around the world  that emphasize
Jewish suffering ( and
sometimes marginally touch the suffering and the genocides/holocausts of
other religions and other people (yet never mention Palestinians): To have
credibility, you must NOW make exhibits of the ongoing holocaust of the
Palestinian people. If you don't then you should be boycotted for hypocrisy
(to say the least).

Zionist Patriots owner Robert Kraft spends $7m to use Super Bowl as
political soapbox (again to confuse anti-racism/anti-genocide with
[The "superbowl" should instead hold a moment of silence of >105,000
casualties (killed and injured) in the onging US tax-payer funded genocide]

Israel's Allies PANIC In Desperate Effort To Deflect Blame

Finally: Israel is threatening to commit MORE genocidal actiomns in the
crowded area of Rafah the supposed "safe haven" (now 28,000 people per
square kilometers) and allow the famine and disease to kill hundreds of
thousands unless the resistance forces and the international community
agree to Israeli fascist regime's demands. To drive home the message,
Israeli occupation army has been shelling Rafah area for week and
intensivied it last two weeks committing many massacres against
innocent civilians]

My friend Rich carries a sign that reads "When do we Jews realize that
Israel is mad"
I add that if the world does not stop this genocidal regime NOW, there will
be millions of victims (regional and global war is now very likely over
this). A solution is easy: justice, peace, equality and thus !!

Stay Human and keep Palestine alive

Mazin Qumsiyeh
A bedouin in cyberspace, a villager at home
Professor, Founder, and (volunteer) Director
Palestine Museum of Natural History
Palestine Institute of Biodiversity and Sustainability
Bethlehem University
Occupied Palestine
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