Long before the Florida election the CIA had been active in influencing the American electorate.

We've witnessed the Iran Contra scandal and all those involved affect the outcome of elections in the nineteen eighties. Although the information acquired from this scandal was a bit more complicated than the average human listener had time for or attention span to understand, none the less the outcome was obvious.

The hostage crisis in Iran ended in a fallacy that undermined quest for a firm foundation of democracy in the United States. On this basis, the Republican Party maintained power for twelve years under the guise of a dogooder for the US populace. The same party oversimplified political ramifications of they're debt creating overextended government bureaucracy. Today we see a continuation of this bombastic upheaval of democracy being led by a military industrial complex.

With the appointment of Goss to head the CIA, the continuation of this corrupt democracy lives on. Goss was implicated in the drug smuggling ring allegedly run by the CIA. Well I could also conjecture that he was a main influence on the coup of 2000 in the Florida/ U.S. appointment of George W. Bush but this has not been substantiated nor has there been any evidence pointing to this possibility uncovered yet.

The fact that most of the evidence in the Iran Contra scandal was ignored or not brought to the surface in the minds of the general electorate precludes their adherence to the superficial values published by the right. Knowledge of all this injustice was swept away by the Trojan horse of family values and moral debate.

Once again in the election of 2000 the American people were duped into believing that they had a legitimate government, yet this government was not the fruit of true democracy. The CIA has been known to influence elections in foreign governments, topple democratically elected leaders and carry on secret operations. It seems the mainstay of power for the current administration is the support from the military industrial complex and the root of CIA ancestry for those in favor of heavy handed secret manipulative tactics.