Kanye West David Shankbone, CC BY 3.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

The artist formerly known as Kanye West has told Tucker Carlson he sees “good things” in Adolph Hitler.

Maybe “Ye,” as he’s now called, should know Hitler would have had him sterilized, then gassed.

Indeed, as a man of color, the infamous rapper would have been subject to Nazi race laws that paralleled those imposed on Jews.

But Hitler reserved additional special treatment for those of African descent. By 1937, if he’d lived in his hero’s Germany, Ye was sure to have been forcibly neutered.

To prevent what der Fuhrer called “race polluting,” Nazis rounded up non-whites—-including children as young as 11—-and terminated their ability to reproduce. The procedure was done without anesthetics. Its victims were given a certificate and warned never to have sexual relations with any white German.

That was for those who kept their heads down.

Had the high profile Ye been even suspected of consorting with any non-African woman in Hitler’s Germany—-let alone one as prominent as Kim Kardashian—-he’d’ve been shot on the spot.

There were some 24,000 humans of African descent in 1930s Germany, whose overall population was about 50 million. There were about a half-million Jews.

By 1945, virtually all members of both groups were deported or exterminated. (The population was replenished when African-American and Jewish soldiers in the US and other liberating armies marched back in).

Many non-whites in Germany had come amidst an imperial presence in Cameroon, Togo, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Namibia and elsewhere. In the occupied Rhineland, after World War I, France had imported police from their own African colonies. The few hundred of their mixed-race children were called “Rhineland bastards” by Hitler, who somehow blamed their presence on Jews.

Like the Ku Klux Klan, the Third Reich saw both blacks and Jews as sub-human. The Nazis’ infamous 1935 Nuremberg Codes—-modeled after America’s Jim Crow laws—-made it illegal for any German Jew to marry any German non-Jew. That also applied to all non-whites, including Africans and Roma (gypsies).

Thus if Ye had managed to father children before Hitler sterilized him, they were also likely to be sterilized. Any member of the armed Gestapo could have shot any non-white on the street with no legal repercussions.

Such rules would also apply to Ye’s former wife for consorting with a non-Aryan man of color.

Non-white and Jewish soldiers captured by the Nazis during World War II were regularly executed on the spot.

Hitler also embraced white America’s slaughter of the Indigenous. The “Indian reservations” where they died en masse were models for the concentration/death camps in which Hitler slaughtered millions of non-whites, Jews, LGBTQ folks, labor organizers, east Europeans, Jehovah Witnesses and others.

While non-whites had extreme difficulty finding jobs in Hitler’s Germany, some were hired for a “human zoo” that toured the region in the late 1930s.

Had Ye been sent to any Nazi death camp, or been captured on the battlefield, the odds on him surviving were virtually zero—-an outcome Adolph would have heartily endorsed.

So as he proclaims his love for Hitler and hatred for Jews to the likes of Alex Jones, Tucker Carlson and Donald Trump, Ye might consider who would have sterilized him and his family in Nazi Germany…and who would have died next to them in the shower rooms at Auschwitz.


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