Climate Crisis coalitionists rallied with peace and poverty activists last night, braving an unexpected ice storm that laid a sheet of ice on roads and sidewalks.  With megaphones, signs and a flag of global Earth, 25 activists regaled holiday shoppers with parodied Christmas songs, asking them to "rethink" their consumptive habits.

Columbus joined the international community in urging the US to begin reducing carbon dioxide emissions.  Rallies across the country were held in solidarity with activists who demonstrated outside the Montreal Summit on Global Warming.

Holiday Hoppers received energy saving tips to reduce their personal contriubition to global warming. Tips included: plant a tree - which consumes CO2, instead of buying plastics that use oil to make and transport; drive 55 instead of the 65 mph maximum, and donate money to homeless shelters and food banks, instead of buying fabricated gifts.

City planners were urged to bring clean energy light rail to discourage auto use, and to provide tax rebates to hybrid car buyers.

Holiday shoppers were greeted with the themes "Cool Your Jets," "End These Oil Wars" and "Green Jobs" for a healthier planet and economy.