House bill 272 has passed in the house and the Senate will be taking action on the companion bill, SB62 in the near future. Passage of this bill by the Ohio house brought Ohio one-step closer to being the most intolerant state in the union. This is the "Denial of Benefits Act" that some call the "Defense of Marriage act". There is some info below and a letter that can be copied and sent to State Senators. The claim by the sponsor and supporters of HB 272 that this bill defends marriage is as ludicrous as it is insulting to all Ohioans. The real goals behind this legislation are to deny benefits to Ohio citizens who the supporters find amoral and to add another weapon to the arsenal of groups who have a long history of using the courts to harass gay and lesbian families.

Here's the real story on the effects of this draconian bill:

  1.. Upon its passage this bill will immediately adversely affect 231,000 Ohioans according to the US Census Bureau.

  2.. HB 272 violates the equal protection clause of the Ohio and US Constitutions because it does not provide a rational basis for denying benefits between married and unmarried people.

  3.. HB 272 discriminates against unmarried "State" workers. Under this bill, all unmarried "State" employees - both those in labor unions and those who are not - will be forever barred from bargaining for and/or obtaining health care and other employment benefits offered to married "State" employees.

  4.. This bill hurts business. Even though the bill does not specifically target private benefits it provides powerful tool for those who seek to thwart or roll back these benefits in the future.

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