I listened to Ralph Nader's Radio Program today.  He interviewed you and it was a fascinating conversation.     I know you will receive lots of comments, so I will make mine as short as possible.   The question repeated in the interview was "how does this happen"?  (Virtual statistical improbability = election flipping).   I have reason to believe the flipping voting machines were a government contract and the ability to flip is one of the requirements of the machines.  HAVA actually bought "flippable" voting machines, to be sure you can flip votes remotely.  I would love to see who exactly executed the purchase order, i.e., specs for the machines.  Probably the C I A, the American Form of Secret Police.  When TBTB know that the CIA paid for the machines, then they will never allow any investigation into "how does this happen".  The governor of the states will squash all legal investigations, via various means.  The "jackles" operate in the USA, too.   Like Ralph Nader says, "it is not an accident".   It like the saying goes, "Our government is not broke.  It's FIXED." (excuse the poor word structure)   Like R.D Wolff said this week, when Capitalism is so unequal, so tilted toward the rich, that you have to have a powerful security force to "impose" the rules (via squashing any dissent, etc), then you have fascism.  Fascism is the advanced form of Capitalism, when the bankers, corporate giants, and the best congress money can buy, work together against the will of the people.  We are there.    It is time to "tell the people", that our government has become the thing that we thought we "destroyed" in WW2.  It's the Y2K "F" word.  Maybe after the people know, then it can be stopped.    Meantime, making fun of it, like Jon Stewart, is the best we can do, although NOTHING GETS DONE ABOUT IT.   Personally, believe we have to encourage every single citizen to become "social" with their neighbors.  We have been encouraged to "fear" each other.  The common denominator that has to change, to eliminate the Fascist forces, includes everyone becoming "engaged locally".  We need to "connect" with everyone near us.  Then we will know if there are any strangers, that need to be "met".  I guess "neighborhood watch" is a start.  Our elected representatives should be the organizers for this, but alas, they are paid not to do things like this.   Maybe the reason USA does not have health care like Italy, France, etc., is because we don't "look alike".  All the immigrants that arrived here, act like no more immigrants should be allowed.  Actually, it's more like the corporate run government does not want to give new immigrants any benefits.  If we get "connected" locally, maybe we could get homeless people off the streets, and fascism out of our congress.   I admire your work.