Like Nixon in the last days of Watergate, Trumputin has begun to twist in the wind.

Let’s count some ways:

• The mighty GOP stone wall is starting to crack.

• Its only black senator, Tim Scott of South Carolina, helped kill a major Trump court nomination and says he’ll oppose any more avowed racists, pretty much wiping out Donald’s gene pool.

• As Trumputin and the Saudis feast on Jamal Khashoggi, even some Republicans have been sickened by this brazen mafia hit on an established American journalist.

• Enough GOP senators voted to derail funding for the Trumputin/Saudi holocaust in Yemen … a vote that may mark a major turn against the global empire (with special thanks to CodePink!).

• That vote shades the assumption that not enough Republican senators could ever vote to convict in an impeachment trial.

• They all face a tsunami of felony indictments spewing from upcoming House hearings, a Hallelujah chorus of fleeing Trumputin associates, endless self-incriminating tweets, a mentally deranged who-knows-what-he’ll-say-next “Individual 1,” and so much more.

• The “cancer on the presidency” has spread, with major investigations into every cavity of the Trumputin corpus, from Cohen to Flynn to Maria Butina to Roger Stone to Paul Manafort to the Party machine to the NRA to the Inauguration, the transition team, the administration itself, Mar-a-Lago, 666 Fifth Avenue, Trump Tower, and so much more.

• The likelihood of “espionage” as outlined by RSN founder Marc Ash will likely escalate to treason as the alleged president of the United States continually puts his own interests and those of his mob boss ahead of those of the country he was hired (though not really elected) to serve.

• New York’s incoming attorney general, Letitia James, says she’ll pursue an entangled web of state-based felonies where White House pardons have no weight.

• Starting to rumble is the sleeping volcano of Trumputin’s 1300 shady real estate transactions with Russian oligarchs since the 1980s, through which Donald illegally laundered the billions he needed to escape gargantuan debt and numerous bankruptcies. (Hear author Craig Unger and attorney Ted Vaill discuss this on my Green Power & Wellness Show at

• Reader Supported News has published a San Francisco Chronicle op-ed from Representative Jackie Speier (D-SF) at last detailing some of the underworld dealings that have left Trump in Putin’s debt and offering hope for a deep Congressional dive into Putin’s death grip on Trump’s personal finances.

• Outright fascist attacks by lame duck legislatures in Wisconsin, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, and elsewhere have branded the GOP as a hate-democracy junta with zero concern for Constitutional guarantees or the electorate that did not vote for them.

• Heartbreaking, shameful, inexcusable reports of the de facto torture and institutional murder of innocent children at our southern border have taken global disgust and horror over this administration’s utter contempt for human compassion to a whole new level.

• The wobbling stock market has signaled that our multi-trillion-dollar student-corporate-medical-housing house of debt may be poised to crater in ways making 1929/2008 look like minor tremors, especially in light of Trump’s insane global trade spasms.

• The intense hate-nature hostility of the Trumputin fossil/nuke dinosaur against all things ecological is hurtling the human race toward planetary extinction at a pace that makes the disintegration of our life-support systems ever more tangible. The departure of the utterly corrupt Ryan Zinke will do nothing to change that. His replacement will be equally crooked.

But Nature does, after all, bat last.

The Trumputin madness will get worse. Donald will do anything to stay out of prison, no matter what the cost to the planet or the rest of us.

But the survival instincts of our species are strong, and the pushback mounts by the moment.

This endgame will be a WILD ride.

Stay tuned …


Original at Reader Supported News:

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