Green Grassroots Emergency Election Protection Zoom #135, May 1, 2023

Our premier guest JERRY ASHTON has retired Billions of dollars in medical debt, freeing millions of American citizens from the burden of servitude to global corporate loan sharks.

Ashton’s legendary RIP Medical Debt organization uses contributions to pay off overdue bills run up in hospitals and elsewhere, but bought by predatory collection agencies and then turned against ordinary citizens.

Begun at the Occupy Wall Street actions many years ago, Ashton has used thousands of private donations to liberate many many families from unsustainable financial burdens.

Abolish Medical Debts was famously featured by John Oliver on his “Last Week Tonight” Show, in which Olver donated Big Money to liberate many many families from their overdue payments.

Jerry is a captivating, personable presenter who gives us a full hour of breakthrough brilliance that has made a very real difference in many many lives.  Don’t miss his wonderful presentation!