Local activists put in a full day’s work on December 10, International Human Rights Day. To protest human rights violations and threats against civil liberties, local demonstrators gathered at the federal building in the early afternoon and then brought their message to the offices of the Columbus Police, Columbus City Hall, U.S. Senators, the Ohio Statehouse, the City Center mall, the Franklin County Courthouse and jail, before ending at the FBI building. At each stop, parts of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights were read aloud. The Columbus Police followed the demonstrators from location to location in an obvious show of force. The Human Rights Day Coalition put together a pamphlet that spelled out what they believe to be violations of the UN Declaration. Several speakers demanded an end to the unjust “War on Terrorism” which they argued was really “a war on democracy and freedom.” Eight days later, approximately a thousand Muslim immigrants were rounded up and jailed without charges in southern California.