Our GREEP #132 starts with the “deal of the century” as Xi & Putin lay the foundation for an end of the American Century and the dominance of the dollar.

As part of that excursion we visit “The Big Short” and other critical documents on the most recent fall of the American economy. 

KFPA/Flashpoint’s DENNIS BERNSTEIN, LYNN HEIDIKOPER and others help us with the horrendous details.

From there we go to the all-important race for the deciding seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court, where grassroots organizing will make all the difference.

JOHN STEINER fills us in with critical details.

We also hear from JUDITH WHITMER, recently purged as chair of the Nevada Democratic Party for being too progressive & grassroots.  Where have we heard that before?

One place is New York, where JULIE WIENER and RON LEONARD explain how the utterly feeble Democrats blew it for the entire US House.

BRYANN TANNEHILL fills us in on the national war against LGBTQ citizens. WENDI LEDERMAN gives us the ugly details from DeSantis’s Florida, where Disney (!!!) is fighting back.

This incredibly powerful gathering proceeds for another 90 minutes, so join us at www.electionprotection2024.org.

No Nukes!!!