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We reached 88,000 Palestinian civilian casualties (29,700 killed and 57,800
injured) in Gaza: that is 3.5% of the population of 2.3 million. That is
equivalent to killing 12.5 million US citizens. And 70% of residential
buildings destroyed!!! If that is not genocide/holocaust, we do not know
what is genocide. On Eastern Orthodox Christmas eve (Saturday 6 January),
we still held our weekly briefing on Gaza (69 attended). Since it is three
months since the carpet bombing of Gaza started, I decided to focus less on
analysis and focus on the people of Gaza. 88,000 casualties and 1.9 million
homeless are not numbers; they are/were great people with dreams, and life.
So I selected few pictures and stories (not seen in Western Media) enough
for a half hour presentation and the latter part of it is also inspiring
stories of Gaza. But it was very emotional and twice I could barely speak.
You can watch this 1/2 hour presentation here:
(next week we go back to analysis and I explain why an imposed solution
from outside is coming). Part of it has to do with the ICJ and ICC and the
other items below:

1) Several countries belatedly joined South Africa call for genocide trial
at International Court of Justice (ICJ). Here is John Mearsheimer detailed
analysis of why this court case will succeed:
ICJ complaint against Israel (brought by the government of South Africa): and to watch the ICJ hearing
for provisional measures requested by south africa- next Thursday and
Friday live:

2) The  International Criminal Court (ICC) is now accepting online reports
of war crimes. Injury, loss of life, and property destruction are all war
crimes, which you can report. Whether the crime happened this year or since
June 13, 2014, the International Criminal Court is obligated to accept all
credible submissions. Justice For All has just issued a tool kit to submit
victims and survivors claims of the Israeli aggression to the ICC. Download

3) 57.5% of Israeli Jewish public actually think Israeli military is not
doing enough killing (genocide) and 34% think it is about right! So 94%
agree with genocide The long history of Zionist
proposals to ethnically cleanse the Gaza Strip (and of course all of
Palestine of its indigenous people)
and see my book (from 20 years ago) that explains why such a racist society
will not succeed and has started to fall apart:

4) Palestinians globally are awakening and leading the global
intifada/uprising. Soon we must impose elections that are inclusive of all
parties nationalist and islamist to elect a representative  leadership
(this is self-determination). If this is to be done under the umbrella of
the PLO, the first thing that needs to be done is have an emergency
leadership including all parties to restructure the PLO in a way to remove
all the previous undemocratic decisions including restoring the original
charter of the PLO (never legally amended).

5)  The protracted struggle is also eroding western governance, free
speech, and democracy (and the trust between government and people).
Western nations are threatened internally when citizens cannot express
anti-racist (i.e. anti Zionist) opinions or call for boycott of an
apartheid regime or refuse to call resistance to illegal occupation and
colonization as "terrorism". Here is Robert Reich on how wealthy Jewish
Zionist donors got rid of Harvard President (so much for democracy and
academic freedoms in the US!)
and the state department has said about 300 American citizens, legal
permanent residents and their immediate family members remain in Gaza, at
risk from ground fighting, airstrikes and widening starvation and thirst in
the besieged territory. The US State Department does not care about those
but they do care about five dual US/Israeli citizens who are colonial
settlers and war criminals held by the resistance forces in Gaza.

Peace will have to be IMPOSED by forcing a ceasefire throughout the region
and forcing implementation of International law and UN resolutions (sorry,
no going back to negotiations between the Israeli fascist government and a
quisling corrypt Palestinian authority). The US had many previous chances
to bring peace and still can do it to force a ceasefire by ending arming
the Israeli ultra-right wing government and providing diplomatic and
military cover for genocide and escalation while saying they do not want an
(regional) escalation. Here is an article worth reading and learning from
the North Ireland situation
Here is Mearsheimer again about why there is no two-state solution
and Max Blumenthal tells it like it is
and Dr. Sara Roy of Harvard (author of De-development of Gaza): The Long
War on Gaza

Stay Human and keep Palestine alive

Mazin Qumsiyeh
A bedouin in cyberspace, a villager at home
Professor, Founder, and (volunteer) Director
Palestine Museum of Natural History
Palestine Institute of Biodiversity and Sustainability
Bethlehem University
Occupied Palestine
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