For many years, the human species has tried to cure its diseases and test its new products by using innocent, vulnerable animals as living experimental subjects. So prevalent was it to use the sweet little guinea pigs (OK, so I’m partial to a fellow creature named “pig”), that anyone used as a test subject nowadays is referred to as a “guinea pig.”

Hans Ruesch’s book, Vivisection is a Scientific Fraud, claims that in the United States, over 100 million animals are tortured each year for the benefit of the human species. Even here in Columbus, the Ohio State University murders many cats in their animal testing. Now, there are many differences between mammals and humans, and Ruesch also claims that just because a drug doesn’t kill a mouse, doesn’t mean it won’t hurt a human.

There are alternatives to animal testing for both disease studies and cosmetic product testing. Advancements in technology allow for computer, mathematical and mechanical imaging and modeling. According to the Guardians, a group exposing vivisection, scientific methods such as quantum pharmacology can be more useful in predicting the effects of a product than animal testing. Then no one has to suffer.

Animal testing is probably not something you think about too often, unless you are Rob Russell of the local animal rights organization, Protect Our Earth’s Treasures (POET). Russell keeps track of what OSU is doing, calls it to the public’s attention and works to stop it. To stay on top of the issue, contact Russell at and see the POET website at

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has put together a handy list of companies who DO NOT use animal testing. Take it with you the next time you go shopping. Some of the more popular brand names you should look for are:

¨ Abercrombie & Fitch
¨ Alberto-Culver Co. (Tresemmé,
Sally Beauty Supply, Alberto VO5,
TCB Naturals)
¨ Almay (Revlon)
¨ Aveda
¨ Avon

These are just some of the A’s on the list. For a complete list, see Be cruelty free!


There are a myriad of reasons why you should boycott McDonalds, from deforestation to just serving unhealthy “food.” But, here’s a new one.

After 21 years of outstanding service, corporate giant and internationally known McDonald’s® Restaurants constructively discharged Russell Rich, after finding out that he had AIDS. Not only was Russell Rich discharged from McDonald’s®, but in the process, he also lost his health insurance and all means of obtaining his life-sustaining medications.

Between the time of his constructive discharge and the time of trial, Russell suffered four life-threatening illnesses due to his struggle to get desperately needed medication. During his employment with McDonald’s®, Russell Rich won three “Outstanding Store Manager Of The Year” awards, and the restaurant for which he was responsible was awarded six consecutive “Outstanding Store Of The Year” awards.

Russell Rich is proudly affiliated with The AIDS Task Force of Greater Cleveland and its director, Earl Pike.

Source: ”A Report From The Front Lines In The Fight Against AIDS Discrimination In The Workplace”

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