The Columbus Free Press is launching its own Office of Total Counter-Information Awareness. In the last few months, we’ve accumulated enough information to warrant the impeachment of President George Bush.

First, let’s recall Bush’s strange relationship with that bizarre little company in Lansing, Michigan, known as Bioport. The company, despite failing various FDA inspections and being accused of bad record-keeping, holds the only federal contract for producing the anthrax vaccine. Bush has rewarded Bioport with favors such as ongoing military protection, and within weeks of 9/11 granted them a contract that tripled the price per vaccine. Now, add into the mix that the Strangelovian CIA-connected Battelle and Britain’s top secret Porton Down labs are partners with Bioport.

Owners and investors in Bioport include former Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff William Crowe and Fuad El-Hibri. Public records and foreign press reports have linked El-Hibri to the selling of anthrax to Saudi Arabia after the Pentagon refused to. He’s also a business associated of the bin Laden family. A real Congressional investigation of Bush’s relationships with the bin Laden family, El-Hibri and the related drug bank BCCI would easily lead to the President’s impeachment.

Second, the President’s utter contempt for U.S. citizens was displayed in his appointments of three criminals: the pompous pipe-puffing Admiral John Poindexter, Elliott Abrams of Iran-Contra infamy and wanted war criminal, Henry Kissinger.

Poindexter, who now runs the Office of Total Information Awareness, is busily keeping files on every U.S. citizen. Well, put this in your file on Poindexter. He supervised the illegal arms for hostage sale to Iran that violated the Arms Export Control Act; he sanctioned the funneling of profits from that illegal sale into the Nicaraguan Contras, a group more famous for its drug-running than fighting the Sandinistas; he lied about his activities and destroyed evidence during the Congressional investigation; and a federal jury found him guilty of lying and obstructing justice, but the fix was apparently in and two conservative federal appeals judges overturned his convictions.

After lying to Congress about the Iran-Contra scandal and being convicted on two counts, Abrams was pardoned by Bush, Sr. Now thanks to Bush, Jr., he is the top Middle East advisor on the National Security Council.

And what can we say about Kissinger? From the “secret bombings” of Cambodia to the overthrow of Chile’s democracy, there is perhaps no figure more hated in the world than the good doctor. This did not stop Junior from appointing him to cover up the real causes of 9/11. Fortunately, Special K was forced to resign when he refused to disclose his clients from his private “consulting firm,” Kissinger and Associates. We would have stood a better chance of getting to the truth of 9/11 had we dug up the bones of Earl Warren and created another bogus Warren Commission.

Meanwhile, the forces of Big Oil surrounding Bush are hell-bent on stealing the Iraqi people’s petroleum and somehow they seem able to convince the U.S. people that the Baby Jesus himself put that oil in Iraq for us to pilfer in the name of God and country.

Despite the Bush Jr.’s administration’s best efforts to hide the crucial role of Bush, Sr. in arming Iraq with biochemical weapons in the 1980s – including Secretary of State Colin Powell’s bullying the UN into allowing him to remove 8,000 key pages of Iraq’s 12,000-page dossier on weapons – the story continues to break.

Finally, Bush’s foreign policy contains the rabid elements of inbred elitist ignorance. A week before Christmas, Human Rights Watch reported that the U.S. military violated international law in Afghanistan by indiscriminately dropping cluster bombs in civilian areas. That same week, the Bush administration announced a new strategy of covert actions and pre-emptive strikes, including nukes, against any country that dares attack U.S. troops now stationed in at least 148 nations throughout the world. The President announced his new version of Star Wars, Jr. guaranteeing huge profits for the U.S. military-industrial complex and insuring we will continue to be the nation with the greatest stockpile of weapons of mass destruction.

For these and other reasons too numerous to reveal, the President must be impeached.