Senator Bill Frist and the Bush White House seem to share strongly held minority political viewpoints that they are trying to impose on the majority of American citizens. Both seem to be abusing their positions of political power to “rule over” Americans instead of “representing” Americans.

Frist is willing to permanently divide the Senate by attacking long-standing Senate traditions in order to impose radical, Right Wing judicial nominees selected by the Bush White House. Although Bush has been able to get Senate approval for hundreds of judicial nominees, a handful of his nominees hold extreme legal views that would prevent them from giving a fair hearing to workers, consumers, the poor and powerless.

Frist seems to hold similar strong biases against American workers, American consumers, America’s poor and powerless. These groups are collectively the majority. They do not hold the majority of power positions in our government, politics or economy. The large international corporations and the Super Wealthy control our politics and government. Bill Frist and the Bush Republicans are solely representing this “ruling class.” This is the essence of both the Bush Class and Bush Republicanism!

Americans can clearly see the disregard of majority opinion in policy choice after policy choice by the Republican Party under the leadership of Tom Delay, Bill Frist, Dick Cheney and George W. Bush. While the overwhelming majority support expanded federal funding for stem cell research, Bush threatens a veto.

The vast majority of Americans want the government to guarantee universal health care. Bill Frist with the active support of the Bush White House has made this goal impossible. Frist comes from a family whose wealth comes from keeping our current unfair health care system in place. In Tennessee, we know Frist as Senator HMO. Bill Frist in the political arena threatens the long-term health of millions of American citizens. The Republican Party should be deeply ashamed for placing a man with such a blatant conflict of interest on health care policy in a leadership position.

Almost all Americans believe in clean elections where voting is an open process providing a verifiable record. They believe that no one should be denied their voting rights. They believe that Americans do have a Constitutional right to have their votes correctly counted. The vast majority want the power of the Super Wealthy and public corporations in politics greatly reduced. The Bush Republicans in power at every level and branch of government have obstructed every reform proposal designed to put these majority opinions in effect. Will clean elections give the majority of citizens the majority of positions of power in our government and politics? It seems that the Bush Republicans fear this exact outcome.

The majority of Americans want expanded civil liberties. The Bush Republicans are opposed. The majority want to balance the federal budget. The Bush Republicans are opposed. The majority want to repeal Bush’s income tax cuts for the very wealthiest Americans while protecting middle class tax cuts. The Bush Republicans are rabidly opposed. The majority think Bush’s invasion of Iraq was unwise. The Bush Republicans disagree. The Bush Class is not doing the dying. The Bush Class is doing the war profiteering!

Our trade policies under the Bush Republicans seem to be designed solely to benefit the large corporations and the Super Wealthy. Good jobs are flooding out of the nation. The majority want a change in trade policy to protect the standards of living for the majority. Tolerating environmental pollution that financially benefits Republican donors has suddenly become sound policy despite the opposition of the American public.

At every level and on every issue, the Republicans under leaders like Delay, Frist, Cheney and Bush have ignored majority viewpoints to impose ideas and policies that solely benefit their Super Wealthy, radicalized minority. It is time for the non-voting majority to revolt against the current situation by becoming voters!

Written by Stephen Crockett (co-host of Democratic Talk Radio ). Mail: 7A Planville Drive, Fayetteville, TN 37334.