It is 2007 and the majority of the American people are calling for the impeachment of the president according to a recent Zogby poll, but in 2004, Harvey Wasserman and Bob Fitrakis gave us what we need now to imprison George W. Bush in their book of the same name.  In Imprison George W. Bush:Commentary on Why the President Must Be Indicted, Wasserman and Fitrakis make case after case as to why Bush must go.  While expansive and ambitious in its reach, the book, a compilation of articles, reaches its goal offering the facts we need to arm ourselves with intelligent discourse in a time when even chat by the water cooler can be an organizer’s tool.  Compact feature articles enhanced with masterful thematic cartoons are the format of this book.  It is packed with well researched reasoning for not only the impeachment of George W. Bush but his imprisonment as well.

As a lawyer, Fitrakis reacts with the passion of Atticus Finch toward the injustice perpetrated by Bush from the breaking of international law to the dismantling of financial settlements in cases won by American veterans of the Iraq war and their families.  Together, Wasserman and Fitrakis deconstruct the machinations of the Diebolt voting machine fiasco.  They warn of the disastrous consequences of our voting system, not because they prophesize, but because they themselves did the work from tireless investigation and research to hand counting in moldy storerooms.

While some intuitively suggest of the Nazi-like patterns of the Bush administration, especially those of Karl Rove and Dick Cheney, Fitrakis gives  us reason  to believe.  He reminds us that the faith-based initiatives of Bush are merely a replay of Hitler’s plan to use State taxes for funding the church.  Fitrakis points out that, like Hitler who proclaimed that he followed “…the path assigned to [him] by Providence…” , Bush ascertains that he trusts “God speaks through [him]”. 

If you are someone who knows that something is really amiss in contemporary American life, but you feel that you don’t have the time to get an informed grip on the issues, Imprison George W. Bush by Harvey Wasserman and Bob Fitrakis is a lean investment of money and time.  It commands the kind of communication necessary in our limited lives.  It is brief, clear, relevant, and in these times, insanely honest.