I know a lot of folks don't take me seriously, because I don't have the money machine behind me that Elizabeth Warren or Barack Obama, but but here's my two cents again. I am not rich. I am not owned by the corporations or by the political machine. I am of the working folk, like you. Not a Wall Street mouthpiece robed in false promises of populism. Not an Ivy League-educated lawyer with a web of powerful and dangerous connections.

I am not a lawyer, but I have been reading the Law now for years... like another man you may have heard of... his name was Abraham Lincoln.

I am tired of our current President and our current Congress tearing down our world. Every four years a new President come into office, and every four years, all the President does is work for the rich and for the war machine. And they continue to destroy and despoil our planet.

There comes a time in the life of any man when he can no longer stand the cant of hypocrisy, or stand by the door while the legions of robbers trample down the fair fields, and pillage and destroy all that has ever been dear to him, and trample down and defile the temples of beauty and honesty and Truth. It is in times like these that he must stand up alone, and make restoration to the People for what has been stolen from their Land.

I am not about Hope. I am about Deliverance.

We can't have Change when we have no change. You are being told by Republicans, right-wing Democrats, and Tea Party defeatists that Government is broken. Government is NOT broken. It’s just been hijacked. It’s the bought-and-paid-for puppets of Wall Street in the Congress and in the White House that are robbing our future to fill their bank accounts. And it’s the two-party system that’s broken.

My name is Nicholas Pierotti. I am running for President as an independent candidate who works FOR the People, unlike the bought-and-paid-for Republicans and Democrats, who answer only to Wall Street and the rich. Together we will break the gridlock in Congress.

And that is why I am encouraging YOU, the Working People, to run for Congress, to run WITH me.

I want to fill the Congress with factory workers and Wall Street occupiers, line cooks and laborers, schoolteachers and homemakers; people who carry a lunch box to work and who pack that lunch box so that a worker can eat while they slave for Obama and Wall Street; folks who work two jobs to make ends meet. People like YOU and ME, who know what it is to live paycheck to paycheck, or with no paycheck at all.

We have proved that we can manifest positive political change in Middle Eastern countries using Facebook.

Now YOU can help ME restore the sacred truths of OUR Constitution, and rebuild OUR Great Nation

into a place of Peace and Honor beneath the Sun, where every Citizen can flourish in the pursuit of their own happiness, for we are a country of Dreams, who once made those dreams a reality. Help me restore that Reality.

Make me your President in 2012.

Come see me on facebook, at Nicholas Pierotti for President 2012

A Real warrior against Wall Street. A Real Warrior for the Environment.