Pete Eyre and Ademo Freeman (aka Adam Mueller) were arrested outside the Franklin County Jail by Todd M. Dodge of the Greenfield Police Department as they attempted to record the bailing out of a friend last July. On Monday, July 18th they hope to finally be vindicated at their trial held at Greenfield District Court.

The pair - advocates of transparency active with and - have since their arrests sought to hold accountable those who violated their rights. Today two charges - a felony and a misdemeanor - against Eyre stemming from an unjust search of his vehicle parked blocks from the incident location, were dismissed. This is very telling.

Felony wiretapping is the most-serious remaining charge, though they are confident it too won't stick as they were told by a supervisor at the jail that they could film, no posted ban against filming existed, and no policy was ever produced to support later claims that recording was prohibited.

Accompanied by Beau Davis and others on the ground, Eyre and Freeman will spend this week in Greenfield in preparation for their trial, connecting with other victims of the police, conducting interviews, and doing outreach outside the court with "Don't Take the Plea Deal" pamphlets.

Beau, Eyre and Freeman believe that if an action is wrong for them, it doesn't suddenly become legitimate for someone wearing a badge. In this day and age of technology and information, the efforts of the three standing up for their rights are of universal benefit for all those in the struggle for freedom.


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