We begin GREEP #152 with the great LIBBE HALEVY, creator of the Nuclear Hotseat, who tells us about the triumphant debut of the award-winning documentary SAN ONOFRE SYNDROME.  

This SOS masterpiece by MARY BETH BRANGAN & JIM HEDDLE of the Ecological Options Network join us later in the call to explain the great grassroots victory in shutting the two San Onofre reactors….followed by the horrific struggle to deal with their atomic waste.

In honor of Indigenous People’s Day, ANDREA MILLER shares some her amazing native brilliance rooted in her Cherokee background.

Introduced by MYLA RESON, we hear from ANNA RONDON of the southwestern tribes who are fighting to protect our Earth from the horrors of uranium mining.

TATANKA BRICCA reminds us of our Star Origins as well as our Indigenous roots amidst the struggle to call in powers of the Four Directions, and in hopes of freedom for the wrongly imprisoned LEONARD PELTIER..

From PAT MARIDA in central & southern Ohio we hear a brilliant dissection of the catastrophic Portsmouth/Piketon uranium enrichment/Bomb-making disaster in Shawnee/Miami land.

Legendary KPFA Flashpoints host DENNIS BERNSTEIN brings us the news from Alcatraz, and mourns the horrifying slaughter now proceeding in the Middle East.

From DAMACIO LOPEZ we hear about the 2024 Uranium Film Festival, which will criss-cross the nation with its powerful message aimed at free our Earth from the nuclear curse.

AARON WAZLAVEK of the United Auto Workers rejoins us to describe the fantastic rise of the labor movement throughout the nation.

And the great STEVE DANZIGER comes again to tell us again of the horrors rained down on the Amazon regions of Ecuador, along with his own struggles to regain his law license and win justice for both his Indigenous clients and his own family.

Steve shows us IN THE COURTS OF THE CONQUERER by Walter R. EcoHawk, which he terms the most important law book he ever read.

DOROTHY REIK, LYNN FEINERMAN, JUSTIN LEBLANC, BRIAN STEINBERG and WENDI LEDERMAN add in their always-valued perspectives to a truly memorable IPD gathering.