Ohio Call In Day to Senator Voinovich

On Wednesday, March 12th - Friday, March 14th, join a statewide call-in day to Senator Voinovich and demand that he invest in Ohio's Families, Ohio's Future.

The problem: Ohio is facing our worst fiscal crisis since World War II. Many of the social service programs that allow our families to make ends meet, keep our children healthy and put food on our tables are under attack. As the recession continues to take away jobs from families in Ohio, many are left with no where to turn. President's Bush's "answer" to this crisis is to continue to line the pockets of the wealthiest Americans.

The solution: For the most part, talk on the national level has been focused on tax breaks that will be unjustly skewed towards the richest Americans. Leaving the majority of families out in the cold. What families in Ohio need is a plan that restores and expands funding for programs that allow families to survive. We need a plan that puts resources to families that need it the most.

Call to action: My name is _______________ from __________________ I'm calling upon Senator Voinovich to oppose the Bush tax plan which will only make matters worse for our families and fight for funding and expansions in health care, housing, job training and educational programs that allow our families to live long, happy and healthy lives.

Call Senator Voinovich at 1-877-762-4555 (toll free)

And make it clear that...

Now is the time to Invest in Ohio's Families, Ohio's Future

Any questions? Please contact the Ohio Empowerment Coalition at 513-381-4242.

The OEC is a statewide coalition of low-income people who work to bring about economic and social justice through public policy. The OEC provides information, education and training. The OEC organizes to make the state of Ohio a better place for all Ohioans.