These Are the 20 Groups Whose Members Will Be Denied Entry. Israel's Strategic Affairs Ministry had for months refused to divulge which organizations are on the list.

y comment: “first the ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight
you, then you win”. We are getting close to winning ;-). The response to
this fascist states’ litany of new laws and regulation that stifle free
speech, destroy non-Jews in Jerusalem, kidnap children, deny freedom of
movement, assassinate people etc should fall under these basic categories:

1. Intensify the work for BDS (boycotts, divestment, sanctions) around the
world and take time now to support the 20 groups that the Israeli regime is
trying to silence (and the many others they missed :-)

2. Lobby all governments to treat Israeli citizens in kind: any Israeli
citizen or those connected with Israeli organizations who/which refuse/s to
accept internationally recognized rights of Palestinians (for refugees to
return, for freedom etc) should be denied entry to all countries whose
citizens were denied entry to Palestine (which has to go through “Israeli”

3. Intensify lobbying governments around the world to withdraw recognition
of the state of “Israel” until it complies with International law including
its commitment when it was admitted as a member of the UN (which it never

4. Lobby to expel “Israel” from the UN (for legal reason shown in 3)

5. Take all the violators of the Fourth Geneva Convention (basically all
living Israeli leaders) to International courts and courts in all countries
for war crimes and crimes against humanity. The International Court of
Jstice already ruled that all Israeli actions in the occupied territories
including in Jerusalem (such as building walls and colonies) are illegal
per international law (a crime punishable under Nuremberg laws).

6. Reinvigorate and rethink activism that was weak. For example, see this
very important thought provoking analysis of activism in the USA:

7. Do the other 70 actions listed here and if doing them expand them and
intensify them:

For the importance of academic boycotts, please read

Activists are passing around a PDF version of the book “Fire and Fury”
about the inner workings of the Trump administration. It is indeed tabloid
style with no documentation and some sloppiness. But there are interesting
tidbits even though this Zionist author did not want to expose how much
meddling in the White house is the Zionist lobby doing. One excerpt for
taste of what is said and what is not said:

“Trump doctrine [with regards to the Middle East] was to reduce the board
to three elements: powers we can work with [Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Israel],
powers we cannot work with [Iran], and those without enough power whom we
can functionally disregard or sacrifice [most of the countries of the Arab
world]... Kushner was the driver of the Trump doctrine. His test cases were
China, Mexico, Canada, and Saudi Arabia. He offered each country the
opportunity to make his father-in-law happy…But it was the Saudis, also
often maligned during the campaign, who, with their intuitive understanding
of family, ceremony, and ritual and propriety, truly scored. The foreign
policy establishment had a long and well-honed relationship with MBSs
rival, the crown prince, Mohammed bin Nayef (MBN). Key NSA and State
Department figures were alarmed that Kushner’s discussions and
fast-advancing relationship with MBS would send a dangerous message to MBN.
And of course it did…..Within weeks of the trip, MBS, detaining MBN quite
in the dead of night, would force him to relinquish the Crown Prince title,
which MBS would then assume for himself. Trump would tell friends that he
and Jared had engineered this: 'We’ve put our man on top!' ”