Razan Al-Najjar

Israeli elites failed in their support of terrorists in Syria and were
unable to bring down a resurgent Iran (just look at rising science citation
index for Iran and compare it to Arab countries!).  This failure was o be
compensated with by massacres in Gaza: murdering 125 protestors at the
borders; injuring thousands; testing new weapons on a captive poipulation;
bombing Gaza's remaining infrastructure; and attacking and seizing boats
carrying students and injured people trying to leave Gaza to Cyprus [what
is the excuse here?]. The latest victim of this Israeli onslaugt was a 21
year old paramedic Razan Al-Najjar killed while aiding injured peaceful
protesters. She was a beautiful inspiring girl. I am haunted by the
side-by-side pictures one of her smiling in her white uniform next to it a
picture of her grieving mother. Imagine this your family!

The Yemen and Gaza genocides thus continue while Trump and his
administration play with the media on their on again off again meeting with
the North Korean leader. A simple resolution at the UN Security Council to
provide protection to the civilian population and initiate an independent
investigation was vetoed by the Israeli occupied US government at the UN
yesterday! The weak international position and the US Zionist
administration are both complicit in war crimes and crimes against
humanity. Israel continues to act in murderous ways with impunity and with
support from the world Jewish organizations and all of Israel's elites. So
the question is what are WE to do?

Muslims in this holy month of Ramadan have a responsibility to challenge
the collaborative governments whether in the US or "Saudi" Arabia, or the
United Arab Emirates.  Prayers are not enough. ALL PEOPLE have to act!
Please contact all decision makers and media and ensure that you tweak
their conscience (if there is any that is left). People are doing actions
around the world. No one will be safe if we allow colonial settlers to act
with impunity against civilians and against International norms and laws.

Colombian singer Shakira canceled her performance in Tel Aviv after appeals
from fans and #BDS activists in the aftermath of the Israeli massacre
against peaceful protesters

Propaganda 101: How To Defend A Massacre. Current Affairs


Who killed Bobby Kennedy
[This article even though good in explaining position of Kennedy's family
that there is a cover-up, the article does not delve into the well known
facts of mind-control and hypnosis done by intelligence services]

At the U.N., Trudeau Opposes an Investigation into Israel’s Shooting of
Unarmed Civilians – Including a Canadian Doctor
This week, courtesy of Justin Trudeau, the world witnessed one of the
swiftest and most cowardly flip-flops in Canadian political history.

Our friend pays a price for acting on his conscience and exposing a
violation of international lawhanging character of occupied ter (c.
Israeli Left-wing Activist to Be Charged With Breaking Oslo Accord for
Informing on Palestinian Land Sales. Ezra Nawi is charged for violating
clause prohibiting Israeli citizens from cooperating with PA security

Israeli generals: We’ll miss Abbas after he’s gone. Excerpt: Dichter, who
is Israel’s former minister of internal security and head of the Public
Security Apparatus – the Shabak, added: “All parties are waiting to see
what will happen the day after Abbas is gone. Every Israeli hopes that when
he is gone that the authoritarian administrative system will be preserved;
that the PA institutions will continue to perform; that security
coordination will continue and that violence will remain at a minimum

Spying on Linda Sarsour: Israeli Firm Compiled BDS Dossier for
Adelson-funded U.S. Group Battling Her Campus Appearances. Israel Cyber
Shield (ICS) collected intelligence on the Palestinian-American activist
and her family on behalf of a pro-Israel organization called Act.IL

The Israel-gate Side of Russia-gate
Haaretz reports on Israel connections to Trump (FBI probe)

(Try to) Stay Human