Editorial Series by Julie Whitney Scott

Georgia State Jim Crow Style Graduations

The systematic practice of discriminating against and segregating Black people, especially as practiced in the American South is called “Jim Crow”. This practice is still alive and well in Georgia. How do I know this you say? In 2009 the Montgomery County High School in GA continued to have two prom nights, as all the years before with the first prom night for “White Only” students and the second prom night for “Black Students”. The Black students, of course, weren’t allowed to attend the “White Only” prom (remind you this was in 2009) however the White students could and some did attend the “Black Prom” against their parents’ wishes. The white parents of Montgomery County High School have made it clear that they don’t want their white children “mixing” with black children in a “social environment”. One white mother stated “those niggers aren’t going to grind on my daughter”. Another said “We’re not having any mixed children in our family”. This was said at a “meeting” at one of the white parents’ home to discuss the situation with several students/parents.

This graduation year the 2014 graduating seniors of the Forsyth County High School in GA hung a large banner on the side of the school in large blue letters “Nigga we made it #2K14”. They parents say it was just a “senior prank”. They also wrote this same statement on several windows throughout the school. The school has released the custom expected media clean-up statement condemning the act. They even went so far as to blame the Toronto rapper Drake for the actions of these white students. Of course if it wasn’t for smart phones and the social media this act would have been ignored completely, I’m sure, by the school officials.

It amazes me as an African American that this type of situation even exists in America today. We have a Black President don’t we? It’s like I’m listening to my parents and grandparents telling me about the segregation that they had to endure just for being Black. The separate bathrooms, separate water fountains, separate doors, name calling, being blamed for the wrong actions of white people, the KKK. Oh yeah, didn’t you notice that the letter “K” was used instead of “0” in the year 2014? I did! Are people blind to the meaning of the use of “K” in the same sentence with “Nigga”? Is this a reminder to the Black graduating students that they are still hunted by the KKK? How does an American high school get away with this? It’s something to think about…isn’t it?