In 2010, Ohio had the second most executions of any state in the country, behind only Texas. With more than 156 people still on death row in Ohio and a proven track record of wrongful convictions, there is a real possibility that Ohio could execute an innocent man or woman—if we haven't already.
That's why I've introduced a bill in the Ohio state legislature to end the death penalty and replace it with a sentence of life without the possibility of parole.

My bill has already had one hearing in the House Criminal Justice Committee. With a second hearing coming up in just a few weeks, I know many of my colleagues in the State House remain undecided. In order to build the support we need for this legislation, Ohioans like you need to make your voices heard.

So I created a petition to the Ohio State House on, which says:

It's time that Ohio ends the death penalty. Show your support by encouraging the members of the Criminal Justice Committee in the Ohio House to vote in favor of HB 160.

Will you sign the petition?


–Representative Ted Celeste