From now on, all hurricanes should be named "George." They can have different numbers. Rita needs to be renamed "George 05-18". The next one will be George 05-19. Next year's first will be George 06-01, etc.

And amidst increasingly huge mass protests to end it, the "War on Terror" also needs a more accurate moniker. It should be "Bushwahr 3."

Poppy Bush's four-day Desert Storm was Bushwahr 1; the attack on Afghanistan, Bushwahr 2. This senseless, hopeless assault on Iraq is thus the third in the series.

So we now mark this as the terrible time of Hurricane George05-18, Bushwahr3.

These disasters will thus bear the name of their perpetrators. Hurricane Rita has had multiple causes, but its extreme force has been enhanced by Bush's insane energy policies, as was Katrina's.

Rising ocean temperatures help power wind storms. The Bushlove for fossil/nukes put billions of dollars in Bushpork into the pockets of GOP cronies who own them. Meanwhile the administration Bushkills the conservation and efficiency measures that would cut global warming.

By pumping millions of tons of additional carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, Bush has helped feed hurricane intensity, which has doubled in the last 35 years. All that extra Bushcarbon will mean more and more disaster.

There are still a few beyond-the-fringe scientists who argue that despite this, there's no such thing as global warming. These Bushidiots are nearly all funded by fossil/nuke Bushcronies. They have all the credibility of "social scientists" who still deny the Nazi Holocaust.

They are the political cohorts of the Bushtools who still insist that Saddam Hussein attacked the World Trade Center, that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, and that Bushwahr 3 has nothing to do with Iraq's oil reserves.

They also ignore the fifty-year failure of atomic power, which can't get its own disaster insurance. Hurricane Andrew nearly drowned Turkey Point in Florida. Katrina threatened Louisiana's Taft/Waterford. South Texas 1 & 2 are in Rita's path. Prairie Island, south of Minneapolis, nearly went under a Mississippi River flood. Perry 1, near Cleveland, was damaged by an earthquake. Four California reactors sit very near fault lines.

Thanks to the Bushterror's Iraqi Recruitment Program, America's 103 reactors are prime Bushtargets. Had the 9/11/2001 planes that hit the World Trade Center dived one minute earlier and hit the Indian Point nukes, hundreds of thousands of Americans might have died, with trillions in damage. The Bushcronies who own the plant---the very Entergy now under water in New Orleans---would have had virtually no liability.

Such an apocalyptic disaster would have been Bushmelt 1.

But in the age of the Hurricanes George and the Bushwahrs, the Apocalypse itself needs another name. "The Rupture" is one popular suggestion.

But with another Bushstolen election a high likelihood in 2008, the ultimate choice is obvious: "Jeb Bush: the First Term."

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