Susan Harman, who by now deserves some kind of medal and who will be joining in a protest of John Yoo on March 19th, questioned Jay Bybee yesterday about his crimes. Here's her report:

    "Yesterday Jay Bybee sat with the 9th Circuit as they modeled appellate court for 140 law students at the University of NV's law school in Las Vegas. I sent out a plea to PDA's Vegas list of edresses, and about 10 people responded. Of them, two showed up with signs and we handed out Impeach Bybee postcards and talked with the law students as they waited to get through security to go inside. I was appalled at their ignorance and/or lack of outrage. Two older students said he was a friend (he lives in Henderson, just outside Vegas), and a young one said his parents were friends of Bybee.

    "We finally got inside, and listened quietly to the cases, as usual. We were ready to speak out at the end, but instead they announced they would hold a Q&A for the students. We moved down to the second row, and I asked the first question:

    'Mr. Bybee, given the new information that's come out in the Office of Professional Responsibility Report, and the information in the missing emails, which we will surely find, what will your defense be to prosecution of conspiracy to commit the felonies of aggressive war and torture?'

    'I'm not answering that.'

    'Oh. Well.'

    "Another activist, there for an unpleasant immigration case, asked something about the memos from the back, and Bybee gave the same cool, stolid non-answer.

    "I would have sat quietly, but the students were asking idiotic questions, like 'How should we refer to our clients when addressing judges?'

    "Finally one asked about career options in a shrinking economy. The three judges gave good answers ('my first case in front of the Supremes was pro bono - do pro bono work for experience'), and when they were done I turned and said, 'And if you're willing to break the law, you might wind up a 9th Circuit judge.' Then the very patient and polite marshals decided enough was enough, and asked us to leave.

    "Tyler, an iron worker, gave me a unique tour of the Strip, pointing out buildings he'd worked on (and hadn't fallen from), some of which are sitting, unfinished hulks, when the money simply ran out.

    "I think we have the possibility of getting some activists together in Vegas!"