#109 Gree-Gree Zoom September 12, 2022

Our Green Grassroots Emergency Election Protection zoom this week features the great Texas commentator JIM HIGHTOWER.  

Jim’s brilliant populist screeds have been enlightening the airwaves and op ed columns for decades.

Irreverent, witty and often downright belly-laughable, Hightower brings to this show a critical grassroots perspective that virtually no one else can offer.

His reports on the bottom-up campaigning now transforming Texas politics help transform our view of what’s possible in a Lone Star state undergoing a top-to-bottom demographic transformation.

Everywhere beloved for his legendary  commitment to “small d” democracy, Jim’s unique perspective bursts our hour at the grassroots seams.

Do not miss this genius screed from deep in the belly of the southern Heartland.

Part 1:


Part 2: