The Columbus Coalition for Responsive Government is looking for paid petition circulators to go door-to-door in Columbus neighborhoods seeking signatures from registered voters for our petitions. We are a citizens' group trying to get two pieces of legislation on the ballot for a vote: 1) we believe the people of Columbus should approve or reject the bailout of Nationwide Arena, and 2) we believe there should be campaign finance laws in place for local elections as the voters approved in 1994.

You pick the neighborhood you want to work in. We provide you a "walk list" with the names and addresses of the registered voters on each street, and two clipboards and some talking points. You pick the days and time you want to work (likely evenings and weekends, when people are most likely to be home), and go out and get signatures. You bring the signatures back to us on Monday, and we pay you on Friday afternoon.

Pay is $30 for a 35 signature petition booklet -- or approximately $0.86 per signature. Because you have two petitions, if you get a person to sign both petitions every five minutes, the pay averages about $20.64 per hour. You will be an independent contractor, so we will not withhold taxes. The more signatures you get, the more money you will make. You set your own hours, and we will be seeking workers during the period of April 10 - July 10th.

We are looking for bright, clean, energetic, enthusiastic people who like to meet new people. You must be comfortable going door-to-door for signatures, communicating with people, and able to walk a neighborhood -- including front porch steps. Hopefully you like to create social change and improve our community as well! Join our team and create lasting and positive change. For more information, Columbus Coalition or Facebook