We need to kick start an energy [r]evolution! By burning fossil fuels for energy, we're altering our atmosphere - causing climate change. To reverse it, we'll need to stop burning so much coal and oil. Renewable energy like wind and solar power is part of the answer, but the fastest (and most cost effective) way to reduce our global warming pollution is simply use less energy.

What's so revolutionary about that?

Sure, energy efficiency is only common sense. But the idea that with smarter technology we can have growing economies while using less and less energy is new and bold. It's the sort of thing that might even happen without us if we had the time to wait. But we don't. The effects of climate change are already starting to pile up, construction begins on new power plants literally every week and billions of energy wasting lightbulbs are still sold every year.

Consider this: A simple switch to energy saving bulbs in the EU alone, would save 20 million tonnes of CO2, equal to shutting down 25 medium-size dirty power plants; and this is before we consider the efficiency of other household products, or even cars!

It's not only about changing lightbulbs

Specifically, it's not about your lightbulbs. Changing your lightbulbs is just an easy way to get started. Plus, it saves you money. Think of it as step one.

Revolutions start with individuals getting together for a common goal. That's why the next steps are about sharing this idea with your friends and community. Then you'll be ready to challenge governments and influence businesses.

It's all easier than you might think. Most governments already support energy efficiency to some degree - a few (like Canada, Australia and the Netherlands) have already said they'll phase out energy wasting lightbulbs eventually. With a little helpful push, we can get them to act now.

We're asking you to start with lightbulbs simply because they are so wasteful, and better alternatives are so easy to install. Soon, we'll take on other energy wasting products.

Why today is the day

Every ton of carbon dioxide pumped into the atmosphere, every coal burning power plant built and every energy wasting lightbulb installed makes it harder for us to stop climate change. Each one is one more thing we'll need to undo. Better to do it right the first time. Use an energy saving CFL so we'll need less electricity, avoid building another dirty power plant and protect our planet.

That's an energy revolution. Your energy revolution. Sign up here