Our Grassroots Emergency Election Protection Zoom #154 opens with a timely, critical report on Julian Assange from VINNIE DESTEFANO in Los Angeles.

We then join LINDA SEELEY from the Diablo Canyon Mothers for Peace on the status of the critical fight to keep that insane nuke shut.

CATHY WOLF updates us from Portland on the Pine Tree Alliance campaign to take over the electric utilities in Maine.

MAYA VON ROSSUM fills us in further with the power of her GREEN AMENDMENTS in states where environmental protection has been taken to another level.

In the second hour we plunge into the Israel-Palestine horror show with a series of heartfelt, highly intelligent, carefully limited three-minute statements.

This powerful, uniquely civil section includes deeply moving statements from nearly 20 people, including DAVID SALTMAN, LISSA MATROSS, VINNIE DESTEFANO, DOROTHY REIK, DENNIS BERNSTEIN, WENDI LEDERMAN, MIKE HERSH, LYNN FEINERMAN, JUSTIN LEBLANC, MYLA RESON, STEPHEN FRASER, DR. RUTH STRAUSS and many more.

In a society tearing itself apart over the deep, passionate, extremely inflamed differences raging around this insane war, we prove that it’s possible to have a civil, productive, interesting and important session on a conflict that could easily devolve into the end of human life as we know it.

We hope this session will become a small but significant step in the opposite direction. SHALOM / SALAAM….