To Democratic citizens of the U. S.:
The proposal for the Keystone XL Pipeline to move oil from the northern Canadian sand tar pits to Texas was included in essential legislation late last year. Read the following letter to learn that The Keystone XL Pipeline would be disastrous environmentally, and would not provide jobs gasoline, or diesel fuel in the U.S.

It would be very profitable for the big oil companies which now have a fallacious advertising campaign.

On Saturday, December 17, 2011 the Senate passed a Bill 98 to 10 (39 Republican Senators (80%) voted for it.) to extend the FICA (Social Security) Tax cut, extend unemployment insurance benefits, and continued the pay primary care physicians at the current rate to care for Medicare patient. The fees were scheduled to be cut by 27% on January 1st. That would weaken Medicare by denying some patient care. The Senate then adjourned for the year.

The Tea Party faction of the Republican party in the House of Representatives was against that Bill. Republicans are for the Pipeline because Big Oil donates money for their reelection. President Obama and the Democrats are skeptical of the Pipeline and say much more time is required to study its effects. The pipeline proposal was added to the essential Bill with a provision to force President Obama to make a decision on the Keystone XL Pipeline within two months of the return of Congress. The Republicans think that will also prevent citizens from having time to learn how bad the pipeline would be.

After a week of struggle between Speaker Boehner and the Tea Party members in the House, the Bill was passed. It was agreed to by the Senate in a parliamentary procedure, and it was signed by President Obama. It is a good political move by the Democrats because the entire Law is effective for only two months. The Keystone XL Pipeline is bad and the other parts of the temporary law are good, so the Republicans should be embarrassed by the having the debate again.

It is important that all members of Congress and the Senate Democrats and Republicans, the president and his advisors, know our opinions on these subjects, especially the Keystone XL Pipeline. I urge you to send letters to them. Fax is the most effective way. Letters should be mailed soon because they may be delayed by security screening.

The address of President Obama is 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Washington, DC 20500. His Fax number is i-202 456 2461. This same address and Fax number can be used for his advisors: Bill Daley, Stan Goolsbee, Jacob Lew, Gene Sperling, Patrick Gaspard, Jay Carney, Valery Jarrett and David Plouffe.

The Honorable full name
United States Senate
Washington, DC 20510

United state House of Representatives
Washington, DC 20515
Dear Senator last name: Dear Mr. Mrs. Ms. or Dr. last name:
Ohio Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown and Democratic Representatives, Democrats: Marcy Kaptur, Dennis J. Kucinich, Marcia L. Fudge, Betty Sutton and Tim Ryan.

Please send a letter similar to this to the Democratic Senators and Representatives.

This was faxed to all of the Democratic Senators and about 50 Representatives on December 17, 2011.

Dear Senator or Representative:

The Proposed Keystone XL Pipeline to Move Canadian Oil to Texas:
Much of this oil would be exported. It would add little to the supply of gasoline and diesel fuel in the U. S. and not reduce prices. It would be very profitable for the big oil companies.
Environmental effects:
· It would destroy large tracts of forest and wildlife habitat in Canada.
· Much fossil fuel would be required to produce the oil from the tar sands in northern Canada and to move it to the Texas coast. It would cause great atmospheric contamination.
· It would promote the world wide use of fossil fuel.
· There would be risk of contamination of the water supply in aquifers along the route of the pipeline.
· It would slow the development of renewable sources of energy which would help the U.S. to become energy independent.
· “It would kill more jobs than it would create.” Ref. Solar and wind energy development creates a large number of jobs.
· “And this pipeline will be essentially ‘game over’ for the climate.”Ref. There is excessive refinery capacity on the Texas coast and more refineries are being built in preparation to export this fuel. Many Republicans favor the Pipeline strongly and are including it to the important Bill which would help in the recovery of our economy.

I urge you to vote no on this Bill.


Albert A. Gabel
Professor Emeritus
Ohio State University
Reference: “Global Labor Institute Finds Keystone XL Pipeline Will Create Few Jobs” Tar Sands Action, Cornell Engineers, September 28, 2011