A Black man in Columbus fatally shot the mother of his children and her brother. Recently another Black man fatally shot his 28 year old ex-girlfriend in front of their children in Chicago, Illinois. What is the reason for this behavior? Is it that we as a Black people don’t love each other? Why are Black men killing the mother of their children? Is the love gone?
  Author, Radio and Television Personality, Khari Enaharo, deals with this issue and more in his upcoming book “Sex Code War.” I had the pleasure of hearing Khari give a speech recently called “Black While Loving.” He also honored me with an interviewed later. Khari gave several examples of how we can determine if “the love is gone.”  “…The love is gone when mass respect is replaced with mass disrespect, when physical abuse takes the place of a tender touch the love has gone, when a male refuses to work and take care of his children, his woman and his household, the love is gone.”
  In regards to the recent killings of Black mothers by the father of their children Khari stated “…At high noon in broad daylight a Black male shoots his wife and the mother of his children and then stands over her pumping additional bullets into her body while she struggles to live, believe me the love has gone.”
  What role does respect play in regards to loving not only yourself but others? Khari feels that “…The love has gone when young males walk around our community with pants down exposing nicotine stained underwear and near naked behinds signaling to the world that they do not respect themselves, their mother, father, sister or brother. Real men don’t do that! If he loved his mother he would pull his pants up, if he loved his people he would pull his pants up.”
  On the subject of marriage Khari stated “…when 70-75 percent of Black males and females are unmarried and have bad relations with each other every day all the time, the love has gone...”
  Khari feels that “Black while loving” is to “protect, stand for, fight for, appreciate, respect and reverence Black, whatever it is…black while loving means there is no separation between Black and Love.”
  During our interview, I asked Khari about his upcoming book “Sex Code War” and if it deals with the issue of the “breakdown” of Black love in our community.  Khari reports “Sex Code War examines how sexually coded words, symbols, images and rituals are used to degrade and besmirch a targeted black population all over the world…how it’s put into the language…changed our young people…in every area of their life…from sports, music, economy…and how to counter it, and what the language should be… The battle is for the Black mind, If we lose the black mind we lose Black Love”
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