Our GREEP zoom #156 opens as the magnificent ANDREA MILLER of the Center for Common Ground tells us about the critical election in Virginia, showing us the astounding flood of money into these key races.  It’s an amazing show of the power of corrupt funding in what’s left of our democracy.

From the labor movement we then hear PATRICK CROWLEY, AARON WAZLAVEK and JAY PONTI fill us in powerful developments in the green economy as strikes proliferate throughout the nation.  The recent rise of organized labor is one of the great unexpected successes of the new century.

MYLA RESON and TATANKA BRICCA give us critical perspectives on all this.

Then WENDI LEDERMAN tells the horrifying on-going details of the Cop City assault on Atlanta, protestors and the actual law with a wave of brutal, illegal repression.

GEORGIA Public Service Commission candidate PATTY DURAND then explains in terrifying detail the horror show surrounding elections for the body that will decide who gets stuck with the $40 billion price tag for the insane Vogtle Nukes #3 & #4.  Patty has fought for years to make clear how incredibly corrupt is the building of these two worthless, hugely expensive and utterly senseless atomic reactors.

The great DAVE KRAFT from Chicago then fills us in on the horrific nuclear politics of the Windy City and the attempt there to prevent new Small Modular Nuclear Reactors from plaguing the region and the globe.

DOROTHY REIK, LYNN FEINERMAN, RON LEONARD AND STEVEN SONDHEIM wrap us up with their usual brilliance as the horse race between Solartopia and Armageddon continues to enthrall us all.  NoNukes everybody!!