Reader: Can you explore the topic of genital piercings? Thank you. Genital piercings are a very personal choice. Ultimately, the choice to receive them is for extra sensitivity and pleasurable sensations during sexual activity. There are a number of types of piercings that all have different appearance, healing time and sensation that it provides. Sometimes the type of piercing one receives isn’t necessarily a personal preference, but one that matches the body and how the genitals are uniquely shaped. The most common concern is to take care who is piercing you, receiving a consultation prior to, (perhaps from sending in photos of the area to be pierced for your consultation) and caring for the piercing properly, allowing it to heal thoroughly. Safe sex is highly recommended, even for fluid-bonded partners, because of the open wound at the location of the piercing and risk of infection to it. I asked a friend of mine who has genital piercings to contribute to this particular article. “The Jingle Jangle of Your Honey Pot” The first one was more symbolic than functional really, the bigger ring on the outer labia. I got the idea from The Story of O and her rings that her owner put on her. It was a "claiming of self and sexuality" type of thought. I loved having it done. It hurt for a split second then, just felt good. The second one I did two years later, and went back to the same piercer. Originally I wanted a clitoral piercing but he talked me into getting the hood pierced instead. There can be permanent nerve damage from piercing the clit itself. You can't tell if it's going to turn out that way. There’s no way to "avoid" hitting nerves and doing damage. He assured me from what he knew of others' experiences that the hood gave just the same effect without any of the risks of damage - so that was what I did. Same scene, in dude's easy chair with his partner there in case we needed help. I remember his man saying what a trooper I was. Anyhow, that sedcond piercing was very much done for the sexual effects. It is X marks the spot! The two work well together and did what I thought they might. It's always funny to be with someone new. I hint that I have 2 piercings but don't say where so it's a surprise. It always works out nicely. No one ever has an issue or is bothered by them - rather the opposite. For intercourse, the sensation varies greatly. At certain angles there would be pressure from the other person's body making contact more than anything else, but there can also be friction in other positions. It depends upon each person, the way they are built and how well their partner "fits" with them. The movement of intercourse can make the piercings move and that can be helpful. With oral or manual stimulation, the two pieces can easily be clicked together to create a musical effect. They can also create a more direct/amplified sensation. With a Hitachi wand or any other vibrator, I have found the need to keep the outer labia ring clear of the action. If the 2 pieces get caught with a vibe, it can hurt really fast and not in any kind of good way. The loudness of the vibe and the metal is quite funny, rather like a jack hammer. During a workout, I can totally have a "hands free" orgasm because of the way they happen to be touching and moving together. Of course, the opposite, bad effect can also occur when the two pieces get caught on one another in a not so advantageous way - this is why I always wear undies with jeans in particular, as they tended to cause the most "ow" moments if I didn't wear drawers. If you have a question or a topic you would like to have covered in this column, please go to: and click on the link for the Google form. Or, call (614) 636-0936 and leave a message in my Google Voice Mail Box. Both options are 100% anonymous. Thank you.

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