"President Trump openly called on the Russians to find and release 30,000 Clinton emails during the campaign," said Driesen, a law professor at Syracuse University's College of Law. "Trump's campaign manager, Paul Manafort, son Donald Trump Jr. and son-in-law Jared Kushner met with Kremlin-connected Russians to discuss Russian-gathered materials incriminating Clinton, a meeting all admitted to attending. Furthermore, many Trump aides denied ever meeting with Russians and later admitted that they had when contrary evidence emerged, suggesting that they are hiding something. Trump has financial ties with the Russians going back many years, which may have made him financially beholden to them. Finally, our intelligence services found that Russia had obtained compromising, albeit unverified, salacious material on Trump.

Since the facts show that Trump and his aides invited Russian interference and the Russians did intervene, we need an independent investigation to see whether these things are related, including an investigation of possible financial entanglements predating the election."

As to the point of what an investigation might lead to, according to Driesen "the Framers envisioned a patriotic Congress as the primary check on a president who undermines the rule of law. They created the impeachment mechanism not primarily to punish crime, but as a remedy for any serious misconduct in office. Patriotic Republicans and colleagues from across the aisle should warn Trump not to fire investigators of Russian interference or pardon those under investigation. And it would be appropriate and effective to back this warning up with a promise of impeachment if Trump continues his assault on independent law enforcement."

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