President Bush's disparaging remarks yesterday can be found in the headlines of the major cities around the world. This (in and of itself) works great and unexpected wonders as he and the people around him have very nicely legitimized the peace movement. Simple analysis would confirm that matters of irrelevancy simply present no reason for comment (not to mention formal comment with the full power of media at ones' disposal). This administration (in concert with British counterparts) have breathed beautiful life into a large and growing movement. We must seize the opportunities afforded. the nerves of arrogant and insecure leaders have been exposed the light of a common peaceful vision by many people who will not be dissuaded by a campaign of fear or efforts to influence public opinion by the dissemination filtered information to evoke false emotions. This phenomenon has moved the president to call for us to react with social conscience and should compel us to turn up the already searing hot heat as we advocate decency and peace.

Rarely do we receive such engraved invitations. I'm hungry, how about you? Let's eat.