This is what I know;

The worst exposure was 16 millirems of radiation. 6 millirems is a chest Xray. The normal exposure over 365 days or one yr for employees at any nuclear power plant is 2000 millirems.

Now, PA has 20 Nuclear Power Plants, all of them leaking tritium w/o licensees and getting away with it. All of them are subject to about the same leaks during repairs. Unit 2 has been shut down at TMI and is regulated through a dummie fedral corp that Excelon has that leases it to oversee the "management of regulating the already damaged unit' which is fancy for legal papers that make it legal to continue practice of work at TMI.

Does TMI need to exist then? No, like I said, there are 20 plants and the service areas could easily be broken down to delegating other nuke plants such as Peach Bottom to supply electricity to locals. But with 20 nuclear power plants, anyone who would contest the leaks should know to just move. I mean face it, even if you lived there forever, the state is large but not large enough for 20 plants. That is literally a plant per every major city practically in the state. Just move, Far away! The leaks will continue because everyone is too complaisant and busy watching American Idol or whatever 2 hr nightly brainwashing show that has America captivated this year. Face it, they can say they want change but they wont get off their fat asses to do anything other then picket.

Since the water is rising so quickly in the oceans, why don't we pull that water out and use that for power, ruining the nuke plants and reviving the lands that are sinking?

And so what if we do that, lets face the whole truth, we have to live with those shut down goddamn plants anyway. Where do we send the waste? To space, like we sent the plastic to the ocean, or the medical waste to South Carolina ( who recently declined to contract anymore hazardous waste from hospitals) since the cement they put the waste in 20 + yrs ago has started to disintegrate.

We don't need a solution, we need to be able to quantum leap and leave this place for some greater intelligence. We have to live up to the fact we are prehistoric troglodytes pretending to have all the answers. I say, quantum leap and let the aliens fix it! we have fucked it up too much!!!!! In the mean time those of us who do care continue to do what we can, even if it's self placation.


ps everytime it happens it send chills down my spine.