The "Heartbeat Bill, HB 125, must not be passed.
Why? Here are 3 powerful reasons:

~HB 125 is tantamount to a total abortion ban, forcing rape and incest victims to give birth to their rapist's baby.
~HB 125 also does not allow for an exception for fetal anomalies. Women who have been informed of a medical condition that harms their fetus would have to carry the pregnancy to natural birth.
~HB 125 is unconstitutional and would be litigated for years.

The state of Ohio would have to spend millions to defend this bill in court battles that could take years. The Executive Director of Ohio Right to Life acknowledged this in an interview with Fox News when he said, “…the Supreme Court…has ruled on countless occasions that any restrictions on abortion pre-viability are unconstitutional.”

We must not give into the groups pressing for passage of HB 125. Listen to the voice of reason and true humanity for the mother and child alike, and block it.

Shira Nahari