Dear Ms ----: I read your recent online article concerning the CDC/Big Pharma/Big Vaccine/Big Medicine claims – still totally theoretical - that unspecified corporations are hoping to develop a so-called “universal influenza vaccine”.


Your article happens to be just one of many similarly-sourced articles authored by other health journalists around the nation concerning the same topic. Those journalists have probably also been informed (mis-informed?) by similar press releases and pro-industry “scientific” information that has been made available to journalists by profit-motivated multinational corporations that hope that to generate interest in the “next new thing”. Often false hope gets generated. Money can still be made selling snake oil if there is enough slick marketing and the salesperson has a silver tongue.


Big Pharma’s busy propaganda departments may be trying to generate interest in universal influenza vaccines because recent flu shot programs have been worse than useless, and something needs to be done to distract the public from that reality. As your article said, officials acknowledge that this year’s flu shots are another in a string of huge mismatches, but they are still urging that all patients get their useless and potentially toxic flu shots anyway.


<<<Profits Before People>>>


The “hopeful pie-in-the-sky” information in your article (through no fault of your own, of course) has been fed to you and also to scores of other vaccinology-naïve medical journalists (not to mention vaccinology-naïve physicians, vaccinology-naïve nurses, vaccinology-naïve potential patients and vaccinology-be-damned, profit-hungry medical institutions across the nation, none of whom seem to be capable of thoroughly understanding the complex science and common toxicity of vaccines).


Theoretical vaccine-safety, theoretical vaccine-efficacy or the theoretical development of a “universal” influenza vaccine, have never been realized. Most of the “pie-in-the-sky” theories about a vaccination program’s capability of actually preventing infectious diseases (or cancers, for that matter) have been secretively invented and then promoted by the equally secretive propaganda departments of pharmaceutical corporations.


Lots of money can be made by buying and selling the shares of drug or vaccine-manufacturing or marketing companies that may, for example, only have a single promising new product “in the pipeline”! The corrupting influence of “filthy lucre” is especially true when the company holds the patent to the next new drug or vaccine. The medical products sector of Wall Street does whatever it has to do in order to maximize future profits. The pharmaceutical industry has to hide certain proprietary information that might forecast disaster if the product remains on the market long enough. Wall Street and Big Pharma are clever deceivers, and they know that physicians such as I, often fancying ourselves as being cunning investors, are also easily deceived by equally cunning propaganda that has a quasi-scientific flare to it.


<<<A Little Knowledge is Indeed a Dangerous Thing>>>


Please introduce yourself to America’s universal over-vaccination agendas and the astonishing rise in the incidence of such vaccine-related, “iatrogenic” disorders that are heavily- and falsely - advertised as either having “genetic” connections or of having “no known etiology”. The partial list of disorders in the following paragraphs are now known to be iatrogenic or autoimmunity-inducing (or both) and are usually related to the repeated injections of vaccines that contain the neurotoxic heavy metal mercury, the autoimmunity-inducing metal aluminum, live viruses, contaminants, other toxic vaccine ingredients and/or some combination of the above (especially when the vaccines are administered in un-tested-for-safety cocktails that are often given at one sitting!).


Because vaccine-induced diseases are rarely diagnosed and therefore not reported as iatrogenic by the physicians whose prescriptions caused the disorders, federal CDC or state Departments of Health statisticians will also not report them. Likewise, pathologists that do autopsies are usually also not equipped to diagnose fatal iatrogenic diseases – nor are they very inclined to do so.


<<<Autism, Asperger’s, ADHD, Asthma, Allergies and ASIA – the “A’s” of Vaccine Toxicology>>>


The following lists of potentially iatrogenic diseases (which mainly occur in the fully-vaccinated, by the way) include such vaccine-associated or vaccine-induced diseases that includes Autism, Asperger’s, ADHD, Asthma, Allergies and the fairly new, quite commonly-mis-diagnosed syndrome:ASIA(the “Autoimmune/inflammatory Syndrome Induced by Adjuvants). The ASIA syndromeincludes a large number of iatrogenic diseases that are caused by vaccine adjuvants and therefore commonly mis-diagnosed. One of the most important is the newly-recognized syndrome, the debilitating post-vaccination disorder called macrophagic myofasciitis (MMF).   In addition to those disorders above, there is also the following group of often iatrogenic, often prescription drug-induced, often vaccine-induced autoimmune disorders, including the following short list: multiple sclerosis, transverse myelitis, Guillain-Barre syndrome, seizure disorders, peripheral neuropathy, Bell’s palsy, radiculopathy, encephalitis and various other encephalopathies, anaphylaxis, herpes zoster, optic neuritis, visual impairments, hearing disorders, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), near-SIDS, seizure disorders, the multitude of drug-induced toxicities commonly caused bystatin drugs, etc, etc.   And then there are the massive number of prescription drug-induced addictions, prescription drug-dependency disorders, the prescription drug-induced fatal or near-fatal over-doses and the later-developing drug- or vaccine-related developmental, behavioral, mental health, conduct or personality disorders, some of which are mentioned in the remainder of this article.


There are many honorable non-mainstream medical journals that do not forbid the publication of articles that honestly discuss the epidemic of iatrogenic disorders, including the ones mentioned in the above paragraphs. Mainstream medical journals generally accept unlimited amounts of Big Pharma advertising money, thus muzzling their editors when choosing which journal article submissions to publish. Hence there has been a lot of subtle censorship in mainstream medical journals that has disallowed the honest discussion that could have proven the iatrogenicity of the above disorders.


Physicians have been naïve pawns of the Big Pharma/Big Vaccine corporatocracy for most of the last century, and the greed-induced motivations of Big Pharma have developed and marketed as many profitable drugs and vaccines as they can. Sadly, we physicians have by and large not objected, partly because we have not been well enough informed.


Big Pharma benefits by having its vaccines and drugs rapidly patented and efficiently tested on lab animals (and then on human subjects) for safety and efficacy. The next steps include marketing approval by the FDA and then manufacturing the product as cheaply as possible (often in third world nations where labor is cheap). Since the CDC often has profitable connections to vaccines, they help push vaccine sales to the public.


If “all goes according to Big Pharma’s business plan” (in the case of Big Vaccine’s and the AAP’s infant vaccination agendas), every baby shot will be advertised as a savior of untold numbers of babies by grateful parents – until some of the tiny victims become seriously sickened by the inherently toxic ingredients that always have “synergistic” (not just “additive”) toxicities when administered in cocktails that are injected in three different sites at a single office visit. Every significant vaccine (or statin drug) “side effect” represents an iatrogenic symptom or actual illness, some of them becoming chronic illnesses or even causes of death.


Of course, if some alleged “universal” influenza vaccine is ever presented to the FDA for marketing approval, it won’t necessarily be because it is “universally-effective” (especially long-term), nor will it be approved because it has been proven to even be safe long-term. Vaccines are usually approved for marketing because certain statistical parameters will have been met. Those statistics will then be used as cunning marketing tools in order to convince providers to promote the new vaccine and to convince parents to insist that their babies get it according to the newest American Academy of Pediatrics vaccination schedule.


Both Big Pharma’s shareholders and Wall Street’s corporate investors demand that the “pipeline” contain as many potentially profitable drugs and vaccines as possible, no matter how unlikely it will be that there will be an actual health benefit to many of the recipients of the vaccines – or how likely it will be that there will be serious adverse effects. (Recall that there are over 250 new vaccines in Big Pharma’s vaccine pipeline with no mention by any health officials as to who among us will be expected to sit still long enough to allow even a tiny fraction of the 250 shots to be injected into our muscles.)


We easily propagandized, incurably hopeful consumers of corporate news providers (including us physicians) are too-easily misled by the for-profit, corporate-influenced, medical corporations that are fronted by seemingly all State Departments of Health.


<<<”Just get Your Damn Shots” is Often the Simplistic Message>>>


We physicians also tend to trust the Big Pharma-infiltrated Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which owns dozens of vaccine-related patents from which they profit whenever their owned technology is utilized. There are many ulterior motives hidden in the CDC’s advertising campaigns. “Just get your damn shots” is often the message.


The CDC purchases from Big Pharma corporations and then resells to clinics and hospitals (and not pharmacies, I suppose) $4 billion dollar’s-worth of vaccines each year, so they don’t want any negative information broadcast that would negatively impact their future profitability.


As an example, influenza vaccine sales would be adversely affected if the media accurately reported the usual low incidence of actual vaccine-matched influenza outbreaks in ANY given year. Nor would the CDC be happy if the media accurately reported the usual mis-match between the strains of influenza that circulated “down under” 6 months earlier during Australia’s last flu season and the 3-4 influenza strains (out of over 100 possible strains) selected to be cultivated and marketed for North America’s flu season.


The CDC surely doesn’t want any information broadcast about the documented fact that only 20% of what is typically mis-diagnosed as “influenza” is actually true influenza at all, but only represents an assortment of other “influenza-like illnesses” for which there are no vaccines available.


There is a way to get some idea of the quasi-conspiracy that exists in order to get as many otherwise healthy people intramuscularly-injected with neurotoxic vaccines (starting with every innocent and immunologically-immature 6-month-old baby in America (not to mention every pregnant woman with a highly vulnerable fetus on board!!).


To get partly up to speed on the potential – and largely unreported - dangers of mass vaccination programs, please read my most recent Duty to Warn column that was just published in Duluth, Minnesota’s Reader magazine (January 11, 2019). The column has been re-published in any number of online journals around the world. (Read that column, as well as other related columns, at:


That Duty to Warn column tried to explain some of the many dangers of injecting cocktails of vaccines into immuno-compromised infants and children - particularly the totally unnecessary (neurotoxic and immunologically-toxic) aluminum-adjuvanted Hepatitis B vaccine that has been injected into innocent American newborns for decades. Many hospitals continue to inject Hepatitis B shots in every newborn infant within hours of birth – often before the baby’s health has been fully assessed – and often without parental consent or knowledge!! (A clear violation of medical ethics.)


Many American infants have been sickened or even killed by Hepatitis B shots. Besides being unnecessary in America, Hepatitis B vaccines used to contain the highly toxic preservative mercury. When mercury was finally acknowledged by the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) to be poisonous, it was quietly removed and the neurotoxic, frequently  over-stimulating, aluminum was added to many vaccines.


<<<What Could Possibly Go Wrong?>>>


The increasing numbers of vaccine-induced autoimmune disorders such as the recent epidemic of insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus of childhood, can surely be attributed – at least partially - to the increasing numbers of autoimmunity-inducing, aluminum-containing vaccines that are being routinely injected into American babies, all on the basis of the propagandized message that vaccines are safe and effective (neither of which are true, especially when given in cocktails that have never been tested for safety or effectiveness, even in guinea pig labs).


Please try to find the time to study the column. It could affect your health. Click on: ( For space limitation purposes, the article had to be limited to 2700 words, so none of the many examples of vaccine unsafety and ineffectiveness could be included.


For altruistic investigative reporters such as I know you want to become, there are a multitude of non-pro-vaccine, non-Big Pharma-authored books that do a good job of honestly exposing the many hidden dangers of vaccines. Altruistic medical reporters need to develop a healthy level of skepticism when wading through the voluminous pro-vaccine literature that is always over-represented in the first 20 Google hits.


Honest health journalists must try to evaluate all sides of health and medical issues and work hard to identify the pro-vaccine, pro-drug bias that should become obvious when it is used by industry sycophants. It helps tremendously if your editor 1) has healthy amounts of skepticism about corporate medicine; 2) knows that there are at least two sides to most medical issues; 3) has intact journalistic ethics; and 4) is resistant to any retaliatory backlash from industry when their toes have been stepped on. I wish you good luck in your journalistic career.


For more related articles that have been published by the enlightened owner and publisher of the Duluth Reader, go to:;.


Gary G. Kohls, MD, Duluth, MN






Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines, and the Forgotten History – by Suzanne Humphries, MD and Roman Bystrianyk


Make an INFORMED Vaccine Decision: For the Health of Your Child (A Parent’s Guide to Childhood Vaccinations – by Mayer Eisenstein, MD, MPH with Neil Z. Miller


The Sanctity of Human Blood: Vaccination is not Immunization – by Tim O’Shea


Evidence of Harm: Mercury in Vaccines and the Autism Epidemic: A Medical Controversy – by David Kirby