Dear Editor Regarding the current brewhaha re: Ohio Senate Bill 193, the Ohio Republican Party's latest effort at restraining diversity and independent thinking by essentially outlawing political third parties, I can only refer the sensitive reader to J.M. Coetzee's excellent novel "Diary of a Bad Year." In it, Mr. Coetzee makes the astute point that the chief challenge of the state (i.e.- those in power, in government) is "to ensure that power will be passed from one set of hands to the next without contest of arms." To that end, many so-called democracies, the United States included, choose to offer its' citizenry a choice, Candidate A or Candidate B. Pick your poison, A or B, but C? Forget about it. On all levels of government-city, state, and national, Joe or Josephine Citizen can take his or her pick, so long as it's a Republican or Democrat. And what a diverse choice! The Democrats, owned by the corporations, mouth occasional platitudes regarding concern for the great, unwashed masses. The Republicans, obviously owned by the corporations, offer no such platitudes, so should at least be given credit for honesty. Such is the extent of democracy in America and yes, in Ohio. So whatever the final fate of Ohio Senate Bill 193, the net effect on democracy is nil, as serious third parties in America are simply not tolerated. Too messy and too disturbing to the powers that be. Thad Woodman Westerville From Facebook Great article, (Bob Bites Back: The Wrecking Ball: Secret Master Plan to destroy Columbus history, Nov. 28) I like that the reason for knocking down more buildings is based on the convenience of having the wrecking ball “all set up and ready to go.” Plus I hate that “scorch the earth” policy, tear everything down, wipe it from memory, then keep the land barren and do nothing with it for the next 20 years. Same old bull crap,…nothing ever changes. It's maddening ! I've been bitching about this same crap for years. I love our mayor and voted for him, but I am pretty sure he is getting some kind of graft, after Pizutti and company said they'd name a new ballroom in their hideous, new, over bloated hotel they are building in the Short North, in his honor. It's a case of the "golden rule" all over again,…i.e. “he who has all the gold, makes the rules.” The wealthy billionaire real estate developers in Columbus are totally in control. They have their well-paid lawyers and bags of money to pass out. Citizens can band together, but nobody's listening. Unless you can get some gold and some serious legal advice. David Ettinger Columbus Tweeted Connor Kilpatrick ‏@ckilpatrick 21h .@MattBors's great book got me through Thanksgiving travels. Everyone should have one

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