Recording of a webinar hosted by War Industry Resisters and MA Peace action
among others on 18 January 2024 (257 attendees). Prof Mazin Qumsiyeh
addressed the subject of this era: The Israeli genocide continues and so
does Palestinian resistance in all its forms. Huge demonstrations around
the world that call for Palestinian freedom while Western corporate media
conveys an Israeli narrative that portrays the mass murder and injury of
tens of thousands of Palestinians as justified rather than as criminal.

Qumsiyeh and Haidee Clauer. 2023 Weaponizing Israeli National Parks to
ethnically cleanse Palestinians. Palestine Israel Journal. Vol 3/4
is now available in Spanish 2023 El uso de los "parques nacionales
israelíes" como herramienta de limpieza étnica

This Week in Palestine, the best monthly magazine in our region just
released the January Issue which talks about the way forward I have an article there
on PATH TO PEACE (turning challenge to opportunity) and would appreciate

The Zionist movement wanted to create a Jewish state to replace a
multi-ethnic, muti-cultural, multi -religion ancient society in Palestine.
The result is 8 million Palestinian refugees and displaced people and the
rest living under an apartheid system with racist discrimination, daily
violation of international law, and now culminating in outright genocide.
To allow colonialism, lies must be told-- big lies. We know of the lies
about the "native savages" in European colonization of the Americas and
Australia.  Many lies are transference lies such as "The Palestinains
wanted to throw the Jews into the sea" (actually Zionists literally
ethnically cleansed Palestinians in 1948 including by loading them on boats
from Haifa and Jaffa). "We made generous peace offers to them."  "They left
their country of their own". "We have a humane army." "We created a green
country" (actually uprooted more trees than they planted and they planted
the wrong trees)..... and so on.

The favorite in-vogue lies recently are about the Islamic Resistance
Movement (acronym The name H.mas was mentioned 137 times in the
opening three hours of “defense” by the Israeli/Zionist lawyers at the
International court of Justice at the Hague. They did not address the
convincing charges of mass killing or (84 pages) of imposed starvation or
carpet bombing – they focused on that one group Ha.mas.  After 7 October
Zionist groups vowing for Jewish donor money competed to create stories
ranging from cutting heads of 40 babies, cutting breast of a woman, burning
people etc (see . We are
still awaiting an independent investigation of what really happened 7
October 2023. but enough data exists even from Israeli sources (see especially under point #9)  to cast doubt on most hasbara
(zionist PR) stories and talking points. There was the foul allegations of
Rape against Islamic devout fighters. According to the Islamic law this is
one of the greatest sins. Here are just some relevant articles about this
Interview of Israeli woman abducted by Hamas militants who took care of her
and her dog

Rape is by Israeli soldiers actually of Palestinians is proven. Here is
just two links of hundreds
Admission f Rape
Academmic study of sexual violence against Palestinian women