On Friday, November 12, the Short North will install a limestone sofa at Greenwood Park, one of its new Pocket Parks located at 1159 N. High Street. At 9:00 AM a crane will set the 10,000-pound sculpture in place at the park.

Designed and carved by Robert Huff, Associate Professor of Art at the Myers School of Art, University of Akron, this public art was selected by a jury of local artists and community representatives.

The jury reviewed works of 26 Ohio artists and selected three artists to prepare proposals for Greenwood Park. Models of each of the three artists’ proposals were displayed during the Short North’s Bicentennial Hop on July 5, 2003 for public review and comment. Then the jury met again and selected Robert’s limestone sofa concept for Greenwood Park.

Robert’s sofa was inspired by investigation into the previous use of the land on which the parks sits that fronts a parking lot. The property had housed furniture stores in the past. The sofa was created in reminiscence of the former shops.

“We feel that the sofa is especially appropriate for this location in the northern portion of the Short North,” said Tim Wagner, Director of the Short North Special Improvement District, developer of the park and sponsor of the art competition. “We just hope no one is too disappointed to discover that this comfy looking sofa is hard as a rock.”

This art is being funded through donations from the public and by a grant from the Ohio Arts Council.

What is a Pocket Park ?

A Pocket Park is a tiny green space that can be found in an unexpected place.
A Pocket Park is another site for art and beauty in the Short North.
A Pocket Park invites us to take time to rest and gain inspiration.

Pocket Parks bring us a human experience in our urban landscape.
Pocket Parks promote chance encounters and unplanned conversations.
Pocket Parks are healthy and enhance our environment.