Stay Tuned Here

For News as it breaks in Ferguson and around the Country,

as the unrest over the Grand Jury decision not to indite Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Mike Brown spreads.

We will be be following protest events in Ferguson and around the county as they happen. As the unrest continues we will let you know what is happening up to the minute.  This Feed will be mirrored at The Outsider News.  All times are Pacific Standard Time

22:37 Bean Bag rounds used by CHP on protesters in Oakland

22:31 Police and National Guard pushing protesters and media down S Florrisant in Ferguson. RT reporter arrested, AP reporter reportedly thrown over a barricade by police.

22:30 Protesters now occupying the intersection of 55th and MLK in Oakland.

22:13 Police now clearing protesters from highway in San Diego

22:02 Protesters use burning barricades at MacArthur and Telegraph in Oakland

21:53 National Guard now assisting with arrests in Ferguson

21:52 Police drive van into protester in Oakland

21:41 Times Square in NYC shutdown for 3rd time tonight

21:38 Protesters now blocking 101 freeway in LA

21:16 Protest turns violent in Atlanta. At least 20 arrested. Restaurants and businesses damaged.

21:01 Oakland protesters climb embankment to block freeway at 34th and Telegraph.

20:57: Protests in DC grow to 11,000 strong.

20:53 Reports of a fire at City Hall in Ferguson.

20:41 National Guard now pointing rifles at protesters in Ferguson ordering them to disperse

20:21 I-24 freeway blocked by protesters in Nashville TN

20:12 Hand to hand fighting with LAPD as protesters attempt to storm barricades at LAPD HQ

20:09 Police with assault rifles retaking street in front of Ferguson City hall

20:08 Police with assault rifles, shotguns and at least 2 armored cars deployed against protesters in Chicago

20:02 Police block protesters at 14th and Broadway in Oakland

20:01 Police car flipped and burring in front of Ferguson City Hall

19:58 Protester attempting to take Freeway in San Diego

19:53 I-35 Northbound blocked in Dallas

19:50 Toronto solidarity march reaches US Consulate

19:49 Boston - Police and protesters in standoff at freeway entrance

19:48 Tear gas being thrown back a police and national guard in Ferguson

19:36 Tear gas used 2nd night in a row in Ferguson

19:32 Riot police using batons on protesters in Atlanta

19:31 NYC- Protesters have blocked the entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel.

19:28 2 NYC marches converge in Times Square

19:27 Boston- protesters about to take I-90/93

19:24 Denver protesters are at a standoff with police after shutting down highway

19:20 Riot cops in Atlanta now deployed against protesters

19:18 3RD march in NYC now moving north up 7th Ave

18:49 3 Police cars destroyed by protesters in Los Angles

18:47 NYC protesters moving north up FDR drive heading to Harlem

18:46 Solidarity Protest Begins in Toronto

18:41 Hundreds of protesters marching north on Lamar in Dallas

18:40 Washington Bridge closed premptivly by police in Portland

18:39 Police now clearing streets in Ferguson.

18:37 Bridge shut down in Portland. Protesters now headed to shut Steel Bridge

18:30 Oakland Police and CHP moving in on protesters on I-980 eastbound turnoff

18:24 Oakland I-880 blocked by protesters

18:23 I-95 shutdown by protesters in providence RI

18:17 Massachusetts ave in DC taken over by huge crowd

18:16 Protesters lying down blocking intersection in Nashville

18:13 Police begin to attack crowd in Philly

18:02 NYC Protesters are attemtping to take Brooklynn bridge

18:01  DC March of thousands nears US Capitol

17:56 Oakland Protest grows larger and now turning off of Broadway onto 9th

17:55 NYC Manhattan bridge to Brooklyn blocked. Protesters headed up the FDR drive

17:49 Protest headed up FDR in Houston TX

17:48 Crowds Block Street in Northhampton MA

17:47 Providence RI - Crowd stopped in the middle of Broad St

17:46 NYC- NYPD In Riot Gear, Ordering Protesters To Leave Times Square

17:45 Ferguson Protesters have blocked traffic on S Florissant at

17:18 Welcome to The Free Press's live blog of events in Furguson and beyond.