On 7th July there will be 'Live Earth' concerts all around the globe to bring attention to climate change. The tickets are all sold and the perfomers are already chosen.

But at * * an alternative concert is already underway- a concert which welcomes all visitors and performers. The online concert is the brainwave of a small non-profit organisation in Oxford England which felt that the mega concerts were not doing enough to support a wider range of voices on climate change.

One day after the launch there are already nearly 60 performances in the alternative concert- mostly music, but including comedy and poetry. We welcome postings of all kinds of performances- big and small, amateur and professional, in the Hollywood Bowl and in the bedroom. We invite entries to be as angry, happy, whimsical, political, or bizarre as they like providing that they have something to say about climate change, accept the reality of the science and are not offensive.

On 7-7-07 the performances that receive the most votes and hits will be compiled on the site for the full alternative concert. It won't be live, it will be ALIVE!

And, because this concert will be on the web, there will be no executive jets, no cars, no floodlighting, no air conditioning, no paper, no plastic, no cans. Truly low carbon.

This project is independent of the Live Earth concerts. It wishes them every success.

If you like this idea please post up your performance, send this announcement to everyone you know, put a link or button on your on your site and share your favourite performances with your friends.

Alive Earth

The Climate Outreach Information Network