Norman Solomon -- the North Bay political activist who has been a leader of the region’s Green New Deal commission and the national Healthcare Not Warfare campaign -- announced on Wednesday (April 13) that he has filed with the Federal Election Commission to run for Congress. He said that his name will be on the June 2012 ballot if Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey decides not to seek re-election.

“After so many years of progressive leadership from Lynn Woolsey, her successor in the House should have a proven commitment to a wide range of progressive values,” Solomon said. “Whether the issue is war in Afghanistan, massive giveaways to Wall Street, chronic deference to corporate power or Washington’s failure to take drastic action against climate change, the North Bay should be represented in Congress by someone with extensive knowledge and a track record of strong public advocacy on key local, national and international issues.”

“I’ve spent decades working for social justice, environmental protection and a rational foreign policy,” Solomon said. “I see Congress as a place where strong progressive voices must be heard and basic changes must be fought for.”

Solomon’s formal filing with the FEC comes after an exploratory phase that has included many public activities in Sonoma and Marin counties, drawing thousands of visitors to his website The exploratory effort generated contributions from more than 200 individuals.

“The outpouring of support and encouragement has been very gratifying,” Solomon said. “In the North Bay, there’s clear and widespread recognition that national priorities are seriously out of whack. We need Democrats in Congress who are willing to push back against extremist Republican agendas. We won’t achieve a sustainable economy unless we fight for it.”

A resident of Marin County for more than a dozen years, Solomon is nationally known as a political activist, media critic and author of 12 books. Last fall, The New York Times Magazine called him “a leading progressive activist.” Biographical information is posted at:


Solomon lives in Inverness with his wife, Cheryl Higgins, a nurse practitioner.


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