Are you worried about the future of local news? Many journalists have lost their jobs; too many issues are going unreported; and too few people are holding power accountable. If we lose our watchdog press, the damages will be severe. Join our call for better media now. The FCC has begun to take a hard look at the future of media, and we need to make sure they hear from as many people as possible. This is your chance to stand up for better media by signing our mass declaration to the FCC.

Everyone agrees that to sustain a vibrant democracy, we need well-funded and secure media that serve all people and communities. The question is how to get there -- and we have a plan. Here's how you can help us get it to the FCC.

First, we need you and everyone you know to sign this declaration calling for better media now.

Then, in the coming weeks, you can:

Flood the FCC's Web site with examples of the state of journalism in your area Help us send activists to every upcoming FCC hearing File official comments with the FCC about your own vision for better media In this first phase, we need 20,000 signatures from people across the nation to show a groundswell of support for better media.

Get 20,000 People to Share Their Vision for Better Media.
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We have a chance to make the media system better and more vital than ever. Please sign this declaration now to help us build momentum for this important initiative.


Josh Stearns Program Manager Free Press